HP releases Z800, Z600 and Z400 Workstations in India

HP Z Workstations

HP India announces the latest additions to its acclaimed workstations with the Z Workstation series. This line includes the Z800, Z600 and Z400. These products incorporate a more enhanced design which gives users heightened performance, quick serviceability and quieter operations.

The workstations sport a sleek industrial look with brushed aluminum side panels, built-in handles, tool-less access chassis and cable-less engineering. All these factors provide better standards of energy-efficiency and service. The workstations incorporate self-checking power supply and consist of the latest Intel Xeon processor 5500 series with integrated memory controllers and Intel Turbo Boost Technology. It also incorporates integrated HD audio, new lineup of professional graphics solutions and optional solid-state drives.

Anurag Gupta, Country Manager – Workstations, Personal Systems Group, HP India remarked, “The new Z Workstations series is the newest addition, which facilitates easy serviceability at the fingertip, from the power supply to the motherboard. Studies have shown that an HP Z Workstation pays for itself in a surprisingly short period with its performance and productivity gains.”

The Dash Management Technology utilizes hardware and software inventory capabilities. This technology provides customers with an accurate response all the time. The workstations from HP are environmental-friendly as they incorporate HP WattSaver feature. This attribute manages power at less than one watt when in the ‘off’ state. The devices lower the amount of waste heat released and overall energy usage. They consist of 85% efficient power supplies as they meet every need of the customers.

HP Z800

According to HP, this workstation is the most powerful product in its acclaimed line. It is ideal for consumers working with applications like broadcast video, medical imaging, 3-D animation and oil and gas discovery. The HP Z800 sports a modular internal design, liquid cooling option and Intel QuickPath Technology. This technology provides users the most sophisticated input/output performance in any given application scenario.

HP Z600

The workstation sports a compact size but gives customers a high quality performance. It is ideal for users in industries like finance, midrange CAD and video production. The Z600 has the ability to accommodate up to eight displays. The HP Vision Field Diagnostics runs outside the OS and captures system configuration data. It also helps consumers to then share it with IT personnel.

HP Z400

This workstation can be used in fields like photography, engineering, design and video editing. According to HP, the Z400 is the first single-socket workstation to be based on the Next-Generation Intel Microarchitecture (Nehalem). It can also be built with the new Intel Xeon processors. Like the Z800, this product also comes with a liquid-cooling option.

The price and availability of the Z Workstation series are still under wraps.