Magic Cube: Green Gadget with lamp, alarm clock, radio and charging features

Magic Cube

Looks like the World Environment Day has sure managed to rub off some wisdom to the technology section. While we crave for a compact device that offers multiple functionalities, here’s a latest gadget that is not only compact but is also eco-friendly. Designed by Kai Yu, this green device called Magic Cube integrates various functions in one compact form.

The device can lighten up your room as a lamp; wake you up with its alarm clock features. It also can entertain as a radio and charge the batteries whenever required. Speaking of its green nature, the device gets powered by its solar panel placed at its bottom.

The device’s top part indicates the battery level. The device also boasts of its fourth ranking in terms of cleverly incorporating many features into one. In terms of looks and style, the device sure scores an ace and its compact form factor saves a lot of space as well. The pricing and availability details seems blurry.