Panasonic launches RP-HJE900, premier Zirconia earphones

Panasonic RP-HJE900 Panasonic recently got the wraps off a new pair of in-ear headphones called RP-HJE900. The first of its kind, the novel earphones are made from Zirconia and will certainly be an audiophile’s delight. The distinct design of the earphones is the results of expertise from Technics sound engineers.

Engineered with Zirconia, the premium in-ear headphones have been specially fabricated so that users can enjoy amazing sound quality equipped with fashion conscious earphones. The incorporation of the Zirconia sound chamber ensures lowered resonances as against plastic or aluminum earphones. Users will thus be delivered sound that’s really clear and minus any distortion.

The Zirconia feature also enhances the durability of the earphones. The construction makes for scratchproof and super-tough earphones that are also bundled with detachable wires so that they can be replaced in case they wear off. For those who are not too upfront, Zirconia is actually a white crystalline oxide of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). Withstanding extreme temperatures the substance is very durable.

Boasting of with Neodymium magnet for rich sound quality, the RP-HJE900 also offers a frequency range of 6Hz-26 kHz, 100dB sound pressure sensitivity, 12.5 mm drivers and 26 Ω impedance. Packed with a slider to avoid tangling, the RP-HJE earphones will be dressed in either black or white colors.

Starting May, 2009, the RP-HJE900 Zirconia Audiophile In-Ear Headphones will be available for around $229.99.