Solar-powered e-ink display revealed by Neoluxiim

Solar e-ink display

Future e-ink ads have set off on their journey along the green path. At least with Neoluxiim’s latest development we can somewhat be assured they have. The company recently unveiled a solar-powered e-ink display that can be utilized in point-of-sale advertising.

Though all ads can actually be quite annoying, at least now we can look forward to them being greener. Yes the energy-wasting flatscreen gazebos could well be on their way out uncovers E-Ink Info.

The Korean company’s novel and we must say interesting attempt at offering greener ads sounds like a good idea. The innovative portable e-ink display is powered by a solar panel and aims to lower the strain on the environment. It adorns a thin form factor measuring just about 7.5mm. Also the maximum display size is 26 x 12 cm.

The highlight Neoluxiim reveals is that the display’s solar panels simply require standard indoor lighting. That we think comes as a relief as most solar-powered devices depend on the sun to operate. Besides, the display will work for about 18 months.

There is no word on the price or availability of the innovative display, though we are hoping it should be released soon.