Sennheiser displays new MKE 1, E 965 mics and MZD 8000 mic module in India

Sennheiser Logo Sennheiser showcased its new range of products meant for professionals which includes mics and module; in the Broadcast India Exhibition.

The new range includes – MZD 8000, MKE 1 and Evolution 965 (E965).

MKE 1 is a latest professional clip-on microphone from the company. Promising to deliver outstanding sound quality with natural, clear and pleasant treble, the mic has been tested on the field. It claims to endure harsh live conditions longer than other clip-on microphones, thanks to its multi-purpose cap. The cap provides a protective shield against perspiration and acts as wind-shield (treble boost of 1.5 dB).

It also features a small frequency response cap for a treble boost of 2.5 dB whilst the mike is hidden or for enhanced quality otherwise. It comes armored with three make-up protection caps and numerous thin plastic tubes for protecting the cables. The mic is available in the colours of beige and black with a special 3-pin plug for Sennheiser body pack transmitters SK 5212, SK 5012, SK 250, SK 50 and SK 3063 or with an unterminated cable for other transmitters.

Evolution 965 (E965) is a large-diaphragm condenser mic with a new capsule architecture to deliver “detailed, yet warm, full sound, with a wide frequency range, extensive dynamics, and low distortion, and offers the mic optimal protection from humidity, so that it’s rock-solid even during very heavy stage use.”

It features a dual-diaphragm transducer for switching between cardioid and super-cardioid pick-up patterns. There is a low-cut filter for elimination of impact noise and reducing the low-frequency overemphasis during the ‘close miking’ times. Its shock-mount design handles noise and pop shield and windshield cuts down explosives, it claims.

MZD 8000 is a digital module from Sennheiser that can eliminate cable losses and features a converter and surrounding circuitry for optimal performance from the mic. It can enable conversion sound from MKH 8000 series of mics into a digital one directly without loss of sound quality, simply needs to be fitted atop the microphone head for converting the audio signals of mics like the MKH 8020 (omni-directional), MKH 8040 (cardioid) and MKH 8050 (super-cardioid) into a digital one and ensure warm, natural and clear powerful sound from the aforementioned series of mics.

The Sennheiser MZD 8000 comes designed as per the AES 42 standard, A/D converter (24-bit, sampling rate up to 192 kHz), features the integrated DSP unit, PC control software and an AES 42 interface.