IMOVIO intros iKIT, a novel mobile messaging device

IMOVIO iKIT We all love our gadgets and gizmos, don’t we? So here’s a mobile messaging device, iKIT introduced today by IMOVIO, an alternant to your smartphone or mini-PC. A stylish accessory, the iKIT is a portable clamshell device with some great features at a really affordable price.

Dr Jack Torobin, CEO of IMOVIO, “Many consumers can’t afford the latest smartphone or mini-PC gadget, while others simply can’t use or just don’t like the existing form factors. This means that large groups of people still don’t fully utilise mobile data. These users, mainly women and teens, still want to have the ability to send emails, browse the web and update their on-line profiles whilst they are out and about”

A Pocket Mobile Companion with dimensions of 95mmx65mm and about 15.5mm in height, the iKIT is a compact mobile phone with Wi-Fi and HSDPA support along with dedicated chat, email and internet capabilities. Other than fully optimized internet functionalities, the iKIT boasts of full QWERTY/AZERTY keyboard with dedicated hotkeys, a webcam, a music and video player.

It is additionally attributed by a neat 2.8” QVGA display and an 8GB SD card slot that can easily pass off as a surrogate for a laptop. With effortless messaging capabilities, the iKIT is a great device while you are on the move.

According to Nigel Newby-House, Head of Design at IMOVIO, “We designed the iKIT to be an alternative to a smartphone or mini-PC. It’s a beautifully designed mobile device that provides all the multi-media and messaging capabilities a mobile consumer needs. But at a much better price.”

We think the ultra-cool and functional device should go down well with the youth and travelers as it retails at a price of just about £99 or €130.