‘Xplore Lounge’ Mumbai – Hands-on Experience with Gadgets Galore

MP3 Players at the MP3 Mela

Before going in for an MP3 player, you may want to check out the MP3 Mela that is currently being held at Xplore Lounge, Lamington Road, Mumbai. The USP of the Xplore Lounge is ‘Don’t Buy- Just Enjoy’ as the Lounge provides visitors with a plethora of information in a completely ‘non-selling’ environment.

Here, you can have a look at the multitudes of MP3 players that are available in the Indian market today. Basically, visitors at the Xplore Lounge get ‘before you buy’ information on various MP3 players.

Xplore Lounge’s MP3 Mela stocks over 15 brands of MP3 players. Top companies such as Sony, Samsung, Apple, Sandisk, Creative and more have participated in the MP3 Mela this year.

At the MP3 Mela, besides getting an up-close look at various MP3 players, you can also compare different brands and then make a buying decision. But, you will not have to do this all by yourself.

Xplore Lounge’s store people help you in making that extremely difficult choice when it comes to buying yourself an MP3 player. They provide you with configurations and specifications, without actually recommending a particular company.

The MP3 Mela is just an ongoing event at the Xplore Lounge. Besides this, over 50 digital product categories covering mobility, digital imaging, entertainment and computing are available. You will have no difficulty in locating these products as Xplore Lounge has covered these different categories of gadgets with the presence of different zones namely the Gaming Zone, the Office Zone and the Home Entertainment Zone.

Other Electronic Gadgets and Products at the MP3 Mela So, you can stock up on loads of information, feel, touch and experience many digital products, besides MP3 players at the Xplore Lounge.

The lounge also plays host to many other technology-based events like the upcoming Mac Mela, where visitors can get demonstrations of Mac desktops and notebooks.

Besides, Xplore Lounge is also planning to organize a Laptop Carnival in the near future. So, those of you who are looking out for that perfect laptop, it will be worth a visit. Visit the store and try out various laptops of different brands.

Xplore Lounge definitely provides the common man as well as technology enthusiasts with a good chance to make a perfect decision before going in for any gadgets and gizmos. We think that it is the information that one can get from this Lounge, with no obligation to buy whatsoever, that has made the Xplore Lounge a unique and helpful concept in Mumbai.