Laptop Carnival – an Arena displaying Top Brand Products, kicked off in Mumbai

Xplore Lounge logo on a laptop

A few days back we had reported about the innovative ‘Xplore’ Lounge at Lamington Road in Mumbai. Now the lounge has something new and exciting to offer.

A 21-day Laptop carnival is going to take place at the venue from June 14th to July 5th 2007. As the name itself suggests, the Laptop Carnival will display a plethora of new and exciting laptop brands. None can doubt the genius and convenience the portable laptop offers and this event is sure to not only elucidate why you need to own one for yourself but also enhance the entire experience of buying one.

All big names such as Intel, Toshiba, Lenovo, LG, HCL, Reliance, Logitech, Acer and Dicota, will find their products on shelves at the event. Open on all working days from 11:30 am to 7 pm and from 12 to 4:30 pm on Sunday, at the Laptop carnival people are placed in a non-selling environment where the main purpose of the event is to solve the queries and questions that people have. Visitors and prospective buyers can look forward to find solutions to issues such as which configuration to select, upgrading the existing laptop, which peripherals to use and of course not forgetting, how to fit all this into their budget. Visitors can also look forward to special offers on certain brands too.

Speaking about the Laptop Carnival event, Kaushal Khandor, VP (Corporate), xplore says, ‘It has always been xplore’s endeavor to organize and help conduct innovative technology events.The carnival aims to generate awareness among potential customers on the wide gamut of laptop brands available in the market and also on the latest technology associated with each new model. This will help end users make right purchase decisions.”

In addition, special workshops conducted by Tech Experts will also be held, where they come and share info about international laptop brands. The workshops will include topics where experts touch on topics such as ‘how to select an ideal laptop’ to using your laptop to the optimal level followed by Q & A sessions. The workshops will be held from 25th June to 27th June from 4 pm to 6 pm.

So here’s calling all Mumbaikars to a place where selling a product is not the prime intention. Imparting knowledge and awareness of tech gizmos is the main motive of the Xplore Lounge and the Laptop Carnival event is sure to do the same.