Apple Opens Giant Store in New York

New Apple Store at New York

Yesterday Apple inaugurated its latest store in New York. It is the first three floored store from Apple. Two floors are dedicated to products while the third one offers Apple’s services. Also the new store includes Pro Labs where customers can receive in-depth training on Apple’s industry-leading pro applications including Final Cut Pro for free.

The staff at Apple’s new store includes more than 175 highly trained Mac Specialists, Mac Geniuses and Creatives.

Creatives at the new store will start free multi-session Pro Lab series in January

The Pro Lab series offered by Apple Creatives will include personalized instructions and a hands-on experience for customers who want to improve their music, video and photography skills. These sessions will begin from January 2008.

Moreover the new store will also offer One to One program, workshops and personal training regarding Apple products such as Mac, iPod and iPhone.

Throughout the year interested buyers can take free appointments with a Personal Shopper at the store, who will help buyers to get buying advice or help selecting the perfect gift.

The new Apple store is located at 401 W 14th Street, New York City, NY 10014. apart from this new store Apple has 204 stores including 13 in the UK, 7 in Japan, four in Canada and 1 in Italy.