Zune gets a $50 Price Cut by Microsoft in a Desperate attempt to hog the Limelight

Zune Price Cut Just yesterday came news of the possibility of a Zune mobile phone from Microsoft. Now, according to ZuneInsider.com, Microsoft has dropped the retail price of its Zune personal media player by a mere $50.

Now, the 30GB Zune PMP will be available for just $199. Before the price cut, this model, which was supposed to be the most popular one, was available for $249.

Incidentally, Apple who happens to be one of Microsoft’s biggest rivals, unveiled its updated lineup of iPods just yesterday. Also announced was a price cut in its revolutionary iPhone device.

This is perhaps one of Microsoft’s strategies to out shadow its rivals. Microsoft could have been attempting to deflect some of Apple’s global ‘new iPod’ hype by announcing the price cut just hours before Apple’s iPod launch.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, things till remain the same, as the company has not announced any new features, new Zune phone, no higher capacities whatsoever. Apple, on the other hand, is basking in the limelight.