Fujitsu F904i Big Screen TV Cell Phone launched in Japan

Fujitsu F904i Widescreen Tv Phone

Fujitsu has announced the launch of its latest television mobile phone named F904i. This newly launched big screen clamshell phone is available for purchase in the Japanese market.

The Fujitsu F904i phone features a 3.1-inch screen that rotates 90 degrees to give a horizontal 16:9 view simultaneously when you may be watching TV on this phone.

The F904i big screen TV phone measures 108 x 50 x 22mm and weighs 138gms. When this phone is opened up, the 16:9 screen sits vertically, and has a mount which means that the phone can be twisted horizontally to the left or right allowing TV shows to be watched in widescreen with no letterboxing 9the back bars seen above and below a widescreen image on a conventional TV) whatsoever.

What’s more, when browsing the Internet, the screen makes it much easier to do so than on a conventional cell phone screen. The F904i phone also packs in a browser for the PC as well as mobile Internet.

So, if an email happens to come in while watching television on this phone, an alert is displayed on the phone screen. The owner can continue watching TV while reading or sending a reply conveniently.

The Fujitsu F904i phone has a 3 mega pixel camera that is powered by Fujitsu’s Milbeaut image processor, which is used in conventional digital cameras.

Listed below are the additional features of the Fujitsu F904i big screen TV phone

  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Music player
  • Document viewer
  • 3 mega pixel camera
  • TV tuner
  • MicroSD slot
  • Yoko-Motion – a motion detector to launch applications by swinging the phone
  • According to Fujitsu, this phone will provide users with up to 190 minutes of talk time and up to 550 hours on standby.

    Fujitsu is offering the F904i big screen TV phone in the Japanese market in collaboration with NTT DoCoMo. So as of now, this phenomenal phone won’t be available in the overseas market. No word on the price of the F904i phone as yet.