iTunes Selling Videos Of TV Shows Before Network Premiere

itunes videos Selling legal videos over the internet has transformed into a lucrative business for Apple. iTunes Music Stores has been selling videos of famous TV shows from MTV, Comedy Channel and Nickelodeon.

iTunes made thing more interesting by announcing that it will have TV shows from Nickelodeon and Comedy Central on iTunes before they broadcast on television. Nickelodeon just put a new episode of TV show Zoey 101 called “Girls Will Be Boys” ahead of its January 29th network debut and Comedy Central will put a new episode of “Drawn Together” three days before its February 1 network debut. While the Zoey 101 episode will cost $1.99, the Drawn Together episode will be available for download free.

Apparently television networks receive $1.44 in download revenue per user as opposed to about 57 cents in advertising revenue per television viewer according to a JPMorgan Chase analyst. A Forrester Research analyst had different numbers but still had television shows on iTunes coming ahead of the game with $1.20 in revenue per user versus 45 cents per episode through traditional advertising sales.

Soon we will have all the latest episodes of popular TV shows available for download over the internet.