Swiss penknife now available with a 2GB memory

2GB Swiss Penknife The well-known Swiss Army penknife now surely offers something more than what meets the eye. Specialists at Swissbit have now made the penknife available with a USB stick in the the rubyRED and retroALOX versions with a 2 GB storage capacity. The rubyRED version comprises a LED light and ballpoint pen aswell. The USB storage device can simply be disconnected while traveling by air, for ease of handling.

Swissbit’s patented technology makes such addition possible. Large volumes of data can be copied to the memory stick and transported in no time at all thanks to the USB 2.0 controller. The software provided also offers numerous synchronizations, compression and protection functions. Indeed this all-round gadget is quite and all-in-one tool.

The new 2GB version hits markets in February. The recommended retail price including VAT is € 192.00 for the rubyRED and € 186.00 for the retroALOX.