Upgrade your Mobile Phone Memory with Stik & Stor

Stik&Stor Memory and storage company US Modular has announced that the company is shipping a new line of cell phone memory modules. Called Stik&Stor, the patented high-density flash and ruggedized micro storage solutions are designed to add considerable additional storage to a user’s existing cell phone. With mobile phones quickly morphing into multi-utility devices (whether it be the addition of a camera, PDA, MP3 or portable video/television player), storage space on these phones is typically insufficient for active use of these newest features. Stik&Stor solves this problem by quickly and effortlessly adding additional storage capacity via a miniature external storage cell which can be adhered to the user’s existing mobile device. This is the perfect answer for the new video phones that have a function to shoot video but no real space to save and store it. The US Modular Stik&Stor makes the video function a useful item rather than a novelty add-on.

With the included Migo syncing software, users can now turn their cell phone into their mobile desktop PC increasing productivity and saving time. Migo is a powerful synchronisation engine that makes data mobile and automatically synchronises information after working from remote computers. Perfect for the mobile professional or student, Migo software allows users to sync critical data from their PC onto their mobile phone, ensuring surplus and secure access to desktop data from remote computers. In addition, Migo also transfers typical desktop and e-mail settings keeping them organized in a way that is familiar to the user for zero downtime when accessing data on a host computer.

Many cell phone manufacturers and providers make moving data between phones and desktop (such as music or photos) a complex and exasperating experience. Some carriers even require data migration to occur over airtime in order to drum up additional data transfer minutes to the user’s service plan. With Stik&Stor, users can avoid their phone’s operating system (OS) and directly access their phone’s internal storage — moving music, videos or photos at will.


– 32-bit RISC core
– Integrated on-chip components
– MicroSD mechanical interface
– Compliant to the SD standard rev. 1.01
– Hardware support for the C2 encryption and decryption routines (CPRM)
– On-chip ECC
– Data transfer rate to flash memories: up to 40 MBytes/s
– Sophisticated software for wear leveling
– Automatic power-down mode and sleep mode
– Optimized pre-formatting
– Re-programmable firmware


1GB: $79 (flash)
2GB: $99 (flash)
4GB: $149 (micro drive)
8GB: $199 (micro drive)