Sony Introduces VN-CX1, the Vaio VoIP mouse

Sony VN-CX1 Sony UK has introduced an optical mouse that doubles up as a VoIP handset. The VN-CX1 is designed in Vaio styling and colours – black, blue and silver. There’s a LED on top, next to the scrollwheel, that flashes when someone’s trying to call.

The user can flip open the mouse to reveal a functional phone, with the mouse-wheel being used to adjust the volume. Pressing the scroll wheel mutes the call.

The built in echo cancellation feature should guarantee decent call sound quality, and finishing the call is as simple as flipping the mouse-phone shut.

A potential problem might arise if you wanted to use the mouse when you’re on a call, but the probable way may be to just switch to speakerphone mode.

The mouse weighs 67g and measures 8.9 x 4.6 x 2.4cm. It’s got a 1.1m tail. Sony said it will go on sale in the UK next month for £55.