Aziz Introduces ‘BookDrive’, the World’s First and Only Automatic Page-Turning Scanner

Atiz BookDrive Atiz has announced ‘BookDrive’ the world’s first and only automatic page-turning scanner. As against traditional scanners, BookDrive can flip pages of a book automatically by simply entering the number of pages you want to scan. BookDrive digitizes bound content in a variety of formats allowing the user to share and archive bound materials.

According to Art Sarasin, President of Atiz, there are only two other fully automatic book digitisers, which use cameras (Kirtas and 4Digitalbooks), however they are huge machines.

The Atiz BookDrive is not much bigger than a standard desktop scanner. With patent-pending technology only offered by BookDrive, book digitization suddenly becomes an effortless task. However the price of the BookDrive is considerably high with about $35,000, making it only interesting for Universities or libraries, but not for home users.

The Atiz BookDrive is slatted to ship in March.