NEC VOTOL PK-MV300 30GB Portable Media Player Launched

NEC VOTOL Portable Media player

NEC Japan has announces VoToL (Visual On-demand Tool Of Life) a compact portable media player with a 1.8 inch 30 GB Hard drive.

The NEC VOTOL Media player measures 123×61×18mm and weighs 188g. It features a 2.7 inch QVGA screen display (320 x 240 pixels).

NEC VOTOL Media player supports a variety of video formats including WMV, MPEG-2/MPEG-4 (SP/ASP) and Divx. It supports MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg, Vorbis and AAC formats for music playback.

VOTOL Portable Media player comes with a SD card slot to transfer images. The in built photo viewer can display images in JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats. The VoToL includes an advanced translator with speech recognition it can translate from Japanese to English and English to Japanese. Just press the OK button and speak the word or phrase to be translated and it instantly displays the translated text on the screen.

When VOTOL player is getting charged for battery indicator a water animation is displayed which indicates the remaining battery life.

The NEC VOTOL 30GB media player will go on sale in March in Japan for 39,900 Yen (~$332).