Cool and Innovative Ways to Customize your Gadgets

Carbon Graphix Sticker on Apple Laptop If you are tired of looking at your MacBook, as it has become so dull (the usual black or white), then read on. You can do something about that, and what is great is that you can do it yourself.

An Apple fan that seems to be pretty inventive has customized his notebook with Carbon Graphicx, which is an easily available $20 vinyl sticker that appears to look just like real carbon fiber. The Carbon Graphix sticker can be applied as easily as it can be removed from the user’s MacBook.

Etched Apple Laptop There is another cool way to customize your gadgets. An open-source laser-etching company called Adafruit in New York will etch whatever you desire on whatever gadget you own. In the image, you can see a cute big-eyed animal etched onto somebody’s Apple laptop.

For around $30, Adafruit will etch on your iPod or cellphone, and for around $100, they will put your laptop under the laser for a cool design.

So as you can see you CAN go beyond the norm of the usual white, black or silver laptops. In today’s day and age, when everything has become so personalized, we see no reason why you wouldn’t want to go in for some cool customization.