O2 to Unveil ‘Radio with Visuals’

O2 logo UK-based O2 has vowed to become the pioneering mobile phone network to bring Nokia’s ‘visual radio’ technology to UK customers, thanks to its partnership with the Virgin Radio Station. It claims that it is “completely new kind of radio experience”.

The service goes live next month with Virgin as the first station, though others will be added in the near future, O2 said. Customers will require a Nokia handset, of course, with an FM radio receiver to pick up the broadcasts. The “interactive mobile content” is delivered across the cellular network, synchronised with the show currently on air. Suitable phones include Nokia’s new N series and older models like the 3230, 3250, 6111, 6230i, 6270, 6280, 7370 and 7710.

According to O2, it’s all about providing “interactive mobile content” relating to the song or show what they’re listening to.