Microsoft in plans to Relaunch MSN as MSN Media Network

The MSn Network Microsoft Corp. is apparently re-launching MSN and MSN Media Network, and expand its interactive and multimedia services. As well as continuing to deliver content through and MSN Music, the MSN Video team is planning to include Movies and TV. Both these sites have already been upgraded at the end of 2005 and feature show times and reviews as well as the latest entertainment news.

Apart from this, there are plans to introduce a new podcasting service later this year, featuring MSN produced content such as celebrity interviews. However the question here to be asked is are all podcasters free to list on the new site, or whether it will only feature MSN approved content.

Around a month back Microsoft confirmed it was pulling out of its joint media venture with NBC, indicating that that Microsoft clearly believes the future of content is via the internet as opposed to traditional media. By using advertising on its upcoming Windows Live products as well as using the new Video Carousel feature in Messenger, MSN can be sure to drive traffic to its media sites. Whether it retains them or not is the golden question.