Seiko lets you wear your Mobile Phone on your hand with the CPC TR-006 Bluetooth watch

The Bluetooth Watch Seiko Instruments, in Japan, has launched a working archetype of a Bluetooth Watch. Dubbed “BT Watch” in short, it will lessen the trouble you face while removing your mobile phone from your skin-fit jeans’ pocket to check the time or read an SMS.

The Bluetooth Watch connects to the mobile phone and displays information such as battery status, network intensity, caller ID, and even displays the SMSes. When you get a call, you’ll be able to set the watch to either ring, or vibrate, though there is no headset functionality just yet…hope there’s one soon though.

The Caller ID data can also be enabled so that you know who’s calling, and adjust ringtones. Pair it with a Bluetooth headset, stick your phone in your bag, and you’ve got a complete hands-free interface that still gives you access to your phone’s main functions.