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G-Form iPhone cases announced, to begin shipping this month end

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The recently unveiled G-Form iPhone cases are now gearing up to set sail by this month end. These sheaths will be seen flaunting X Protect and Extreme Grid designs upon their arrival. And if the titles don’t give anything away, then we will let you know that they are said to deliver safety against intense impacts, besides protecting the devices from regular bumps and drops, of course.

It is not every day that an iPhone takes upon the role of a puck in the hockey rink. Wondering why we would mention that? Well, the company went ahead and deployed the G-Form protected hardware to be used as a puck, for showcasing the amount of force the handset can endure. As it turns out, an iPhone draped with this sheath is apparently capable of withstanding an 82mph slapshot, something that many Apple smartphone users may approve of.

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“Our energy absorbing technology doesn’t rely on thickness like typical foams or hard plastics, so we are able to design both athletic and electronic protective gear that offers unbelievable protection from impact, but without the bulk of any traditional technology,” shares Thom Cafaro VP Innovations. “The new G-Form iPhone 4 case is a perfect example of this, with its sleek design and unsurpassed impact protection.”

Even though the cases aim to provide utmost protection to the devices, they claim to be slim and lightweight. These G-Form offerings have been integrated with RPT material that comprises Poron XRD, to protect handsets from impacts. Both of the previously mentioned designs will be selling in black and yellow shades each for the iPhone 4 as well as the 4S.

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G-Form iPhone Cases 2

The G-Form iPhone cases can now be pre-ordered at $39.95 from g-form.com. As mentioned earlier, these shells will begin shipping by the end of this month.

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