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6 Futuristic things you can buy online

Awesome futuristic gadgets to buy

Futuristic Things
Our compilation of the ten awesome futuristic things you can buy online is about to provide you with some really neat options which you can splurge your hard-earned cash on. We are living in an age in which advancements in technology are happening at a lightning fast speed and it’s incredibly hard to catch up with them.

Drones are taking over the skies and the lands are littered with people who have their heads dipped in their smartphones. There’s no end to innovation, and that’s evident right now more than ever, even as we keep on getting astonished with one futuristic product after another.

It’s hence a treat to know that you can indeed go online and buy some of these products. They will not only make your life better, but also allow you to stand out among your friends since they are not quite widely available yet.

There are tons of such offerings that could have made it to this list of ours. However, we have narrowed it down to these cool products which we know will grab your interest if you’re all for futuristic stuff. Let us jump straight into the list then.

Laser projection keyboard

Laser Projection Keyboard
Did you know that you can literally have the future at your fingertips? All the laser projection keyboards sold out there by different companies seem like something straight out of science fiction movies. They allow you to project a virtual keyboard on any surface of your choice and type on it as you would with a regular keyboard.

These can not only be used with tablets and smartphones, but also with PCs and laptops just in case you want to stay away from their regular keyboards. These offerings are highly portable and most of them come with Bluetooth support for pairing up with devices wirelessly.

Silic self-cleaning shirt

The image you’re looking at is of a shirt that cleans itself, no matter what you throw at it. It does so with the help of nanotechnology, which is pretty amazing. The Silic can repel everything from ketchup and soy sauce to water and soft drinks without any hitch.

Despite its unique properties, this shirt still manages to offer a soft and breathable surface. One would expect that it will be sold at a pretty high price given its awesome ability, but it’s quite cheap to buy if you ask us. You can grab it in black or white in your preferred size at $40 right now.

Self-Balancing smart scooter

Self-Balancing Scooter
We have come very close to creating actual hoverboards like the ones from Back to the Future films, but they’re still not something you can buy in the market. However, self-balancing smart scooters look to offer the same experience with their two-wheeled goodness.

They can be looked at as mini segways without handles. These are incredibly easy to learn to ride, thanks to their smart sensors which detect when you lean in a certain direction and instruct the motors to move in the same route. The way it works makes it seem like it actually knows where you wish to move by reading your mind. You can buy one for yourself at around $300 to $400.

Google Glass

Google Glass
Google’s highly innovative Glass headset was hard to believe when it was first showcased to the world. This little device puts a display right in front of your eyes without blocking your view in a large way. Not only that, it even presents you with stuff that you would normally see on your smartphone, and allows you to control it via your voice or touch.

You can have Google Glass show you directions to the place you’re going to, run your favorite apps, post updates on social media and even capture images and videos. Over the years, it has gone beyond all this and has proved to be useful in the fields of healthcare, journalism and more.

This device was being sold in the form of developer focused editions until last year, with official sales having stopped now. This clearly means that a consumer focused variant is all set to be announced soon. Until then, you can grab units from websites like eBay and Amazon which have Glass up on sale still at around a twelve hundred dollars.

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality is the future of not only gaming, but also plenty of other things. So it’s a pretty good idea to embrace this technology in its infancy, with Oculus Rift being the best accessory to that with. Available as a developer unit, it presents you with a high resolution head-mounted display with rotational and positional tracking.

A large number of developers are creating games for it right now, that will immerse you into their offerings like no games ever have. Although the development kit is sold out right now, it can be grabbed through third-party sellers anyway. You could do that or wait until March 28, when the consumer version will finally be released by its makers.

iRobot Roomba

The Roomba was first introduced a long time ago, but has grown over time to offer plenty of new features. We’re calling it a futuristic gadget owing to the fact that it’s actually a robot that cleans your house for you. That’s pretty hard to believe if you haven’t heard of it still, and hence has quite some futuristic vibes to it.

The Roomba is able to change its direction on encountering obstacles, while it’s even capable of detecting dirty spots on the floor and attaching itself to a charging station on its own. All you need to do is turn it on, and it will keeping cleaning your rooms as they get dirty. Roombas start at around $320 and have their prices go higher than that.