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Futuristic Technologies And Their Impact On The Gaming World

vr-gamer Nowadays, more and more people from all parts of the world are gaining access to online casinos at a breakneck pace. Since there is an ever-increasing amount of money that is exchanging hands in the online casino community, it has become essential for the best minds in the technological field to come up with innovative solutions to the various problems that plague the casino industry.

Technology remains the one constant that has always had an impact on all kinds of casinos, be they offline or online. Futuristic technologies that are coming up are geared to make the gaming platforms easily accessible to people all parts of the world, and to offer the best experience that a customer can hope for.

Facial Recognition Technology

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Although this is a feature that has been popularized as an advanced security feature in various movies of the distant future, many online casinos are already making use of it today. Gone are the days of simple CCTVs as facial recognition is all it takes to recognize customers. This allows casinos to even successfully differentiate their customers, regardless of whether they are high rollers or cheaters.

The facial recognition technology has also enabled casinos to personalize the customer’s experience, keeping a watchful eye on suspicious personage, and even dole out VIP treatment to high rolling players. This makes it much more convenient for both the players and the casino operators.

Facial recognition software is also being fused with other exceptional technologies, such as Nonobvious Relationship Awareness (NORA). This technology enables casinos to prevent incidents of cheating and deceit. What’s more! – Such technologies are already in place in Las Vegas Casinos.

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Essentially, NORA receives input from the facial recognition software which then is fed into the database of recognized connections which enables it to catch cheats who may be working in teams. It also is able to find if the person has any previous connection with other people on the floor, including other guests and employees.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile technology is also advancing at an exponential rate which has made it possible for players to play their favorite casino games even when they are mobile. Many online casinos based out of New Zealand offering online casino nz dollars are able to provide this feature in the safest and convenient manner. This ensures that the players get to play without any security problems. Such casinos can be enjoyed on tablets, smartphones, or any other device that can be connected to the internet.

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Users can now play with complete confidence and assurance, knowing that various security features are in play which alleviates any worries they might have of losing money to fraudulent programs. At the same time, you should ensure that you play mobile casinos only on the most reliable platforms, such as the Conquistador online casinos that we mentioned earlier.

Table Eye 21 Software

This is a bet tracking software that is quite revolutionary in the world of casinos. It also tracks how many hands are being played and the win percentage on blackjack tables. It utilizes cameras that are placed right above the blackjack tables. All the raw data gathered is then categorized into statistical data and analyzed in order to prevent any sort of unfair play or cheating. All the suspicious activity is then communicated directly to the operator.

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