Futuristic Reva Silicon Case for Apple iPhone launched by iSkin

iSkin Reva iPhone Case

iSkin, the maker of innumerable iPod protective cases has now jumped onto the iPhone bandwagon, along with several other accessory makers such as DLo and Belkin. It really seems as though these companies were awaiting the launch of the iPhone, so that they could come into the picture. But, jokes aside, iSkin’s latest offering for the Apple iPhone is worth checking out, as it is much needed especially when one pays such a hefty price for a phone.

iSkin’s iPhone protective case is called the ‘Revo’ and is a silicon rubber case with a clear plastic front protector. The Reva case can be termed as revolutionary protection for a revolutionary phone.

Somehow, iSkin always manages to make its accessories look very unique and interesting. The Reva case for the iPhone too is one such case as it has a very futuristic look to it.

According to iSkin, the clear protector called the ViSOR clips on to the Revo’s sides and covers the screen without hampering the use of the iPhone’s most famous touchscreen.

The ViSOR screen is scratch-resistant as it is made from a durable polycarbonate and is specially coated with an optical clear-coat.

The majority of the iPhone is covered with a soft, contoured rubber, which is available in a choice of several colors. You will get the Reva case in an all-black version, as well as five other colors.

Also available with the iSkin Reva case is an optional privacy film for the iPhone’s screen that renders the screen visible when viewed straight, but not when it is viewed at an angle.

A great feature of the silicon iSkin Reva iPhone case is that it delivers embedded antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of germs and fungi, offering a higher level of protection to users and the phone of course.

Besides, since the Reva case has a durable silicon exterior, this texture ensures that the user has an excellent grip on the iPhone. Also, when the phone is placed on slanting or angled surfaces, it will not slide off.

Last, but definitely not the least, the Reva case for the iPhone is anti-dust coated and this helps to prevent dust and lint from settling on the phone.

iSkin’s Reva case for the iPhone will set you short of $40. It is now available in light-blue, black and dark red.