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The Future of Video Games: How Everything Is Going To Change

gaming setup While technology is affecting all spheres of life, it’s especially noticeable by a wider majority when it touches gaming and entertainment. Game developers and designers are constantly coming up with interesting innovations to make gaming experiences unique and enjoyable.

If you’re a big fan of video games, you’re surely always keeping your eyes and ears open for new developments in the field. So here are some indications about how gaming is going to change in the near future.

Artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence ai One way video game developers are boosting the users’ experience is by implementing artificial intelligence. Even though this is not something that is completely new, as AI has been used in video games since the 1950s, it is always being improved. Let’s take, non-player characters for example.

Nowadays, NPCs have the ability to adopt new behaviors due to machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. A feature called AI procedural generation allows a player’s behavior to tailor the game experience and generate data. Titles that use AI include everything from Minecraft to Civilization to Counter-Strike.

Augmented and virtual reality

augmented-reality Another trend that is not new but constantly being enhanced is augmented and virtual reality. When it comes to augmented reality, developers are always experimenting with using it to add new layers to gaming environments. Pokémon GO is most definitely one of the most popular video games that uses this technology and it seems like we are still waiting for its spiritual successor even though there are many games that also rely on AR.

In terms of virtual reality, it comes with more requirements that gamers have to meet. For instance, VR headsets were not accessible to most players for a long while due to the price points. Slowly but surely, more affordable alternatives which allow gamers to witness whole new worlds that the technology provides, are coming into the market. Half-Life: Alyx and Star Wars: Squadrons are some of the biggest titles that use VR effectively.

High-fidelity graphics

gaming gear components While AR and VR can bring plenty in terms of helping players get immersed in new environments, some players still steer clear of such titles and prefer more “regular” games, so to speak. These games are also being worked on extensively. Companies like AMD and Nvidia are now producing graphics cards that come with high-fidelity graphics which give the illusion of being in a real world while playing and not seeing items that look two-dimensional and painted on.

What is more, it’s not just the video game industry that’s upped its quality of graphics; online casinos are also catching up. For instance, operators like Super Seven are introducing a great variety of games that have much better graphics. It’s also important to note that some indie game developers prefer a different approach that cannot really be criticized as being unrealistic.

Blockchain technology

blockchain Blockchain technology is typically linked to cryptocurrencies, but it can have so many other uses. Although blockchain gaming has not yet reached its full potential, there are games that have been using it for a while. For example, CryptoKitties is a popular title that lets players buy, collect, and breed cats and each cat is actually an NFT.

Another example is Gods Unchained which doesn’t require any money to play. As a matter of fact, users earn money when they play with trading cards that are NFTs. While this technology could be the next big thing in gaming in the current decade, there are some challenges preventing developers from investing in it fully, such as the increased transaction costs.

Cloud gaming

Cloud computing Cloud technology has increasingly been gaining traction over the years and it has finally properly established itself in the gaming industry as well. Just as we can stream movies and TV shows on countless platforms these days, we can also play video games in the same manner. This approach benefits many players, seeing as how it doesn’t come with any demanding hardware requirements and all a player would need is a stable internet connection and a gaming console.

In addition to Sony and Microsoft, which have been in the game for a while now, Nvidia, Google, Amazon, and even Netflix have decided to join up and benefit from the interest. All of this tells us that cloud gaming is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Mobile games

online-mobile-games Something else that is currently very popular and shows no signs of stopping is mobile gaming. It should not really come as a surprise as billions of people now own a smartphone which allows for various kinds of entertainment, including gaming. Phone manufacturers are aware of this and are coming out with models that can support all the newest releases that can be downloaded through various marketplaces. While plenty of mobile games don’t need to be purchased, many come with in-app purchases, which is definitely one of the reasons why this industry’s revenue was over $77 billion as of 2020.

These current trends show us how the video game industry will be changing over time. No matter what happens, it’s safe to say that we will see some unexpected developments over the next few years.