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Future iPods may have Automatic Volume Control, says new Apple Patent

iPod Volume Patent Apple may lower the overall volume in future versions of its iPod digital music player over fears that listeners could possibly deafen themselves by playing music at full volume for lengthy periods of time.

This bit of news was learnt when an Apple patent was uncovered which details the possibility for automatic volume control in iPods.

This happens to be the first time that Apple has expressed its fears and concern over the risk that the music device poses to hearing.

According to experts, an innumerable amount of young people are risking irreversible hearing damage because of the latest trends and craze over MP3 players.

However, the iPod unlike most other music players, can store enough music to play for several days and also has a battery charge that can last for over 12 hours at a go. Thus, owners tend to keep their earphones on the whole day, and this leads to cumulative risk of hearing damage.

The newly revealed patent states that all future iPods and iPhones could automatically calculate how long a person had been listening, and what what volume, before gradually reducing the sound level.

Here is the actual statement, “Since the damaging effects on users’ hearing is both gradual and cumulative, even those users who are concerned about hearing loss may not behave in a manner that would limit or minimize such damaging effects.”

It is known that future iPods may also be able to calculate the amount of “quiet time” between when the iPod is turned off and when it is restarted

As of now, all current version of the iPod reach volumes of over 100 decibels. At this volume, there is a risk of hearing damage after just 15 minutes, say experts.
However, it yet remains unclear whether iPod owners will be able to switch off this automatic volume control.