13 Unbelievable Features of Future iPhones

2Future iPhone to scan your veins for Face ID

Future iPhone
Image Credit: Apple Insider

Apple went to great lengths to perfect its facial unlock system dubbed Face ID before introducing it on the iPhone X. The technology uses specialized hardware consisting of a TrueDepth camera, dot projector, infrared camera, and flood illuminator, in conjunction with the A11 bionic processor. It’s pretty fool-proof even if you turn off the attention awareness features.

But there’s always room for improvement of course. Apple Insider uncovered a patent filed by Cupertino which implies that in the future, iPhones might employ some form of pulsed radiation to scan the veins under your skin for Face ID. Just like our fingerprints, our pattern of veins is also unique to us. So it would be almost impossible to hack this type of face unlock system.

Enterprising folks have been trying to trick Face ID with 3D masks and what not. A 10-year old kid was able to unlock an iPhone X even though it was his mother’s face that was registered on it. There’s a reason to believe identical twins may be able to confuse the device too. Vein scanning will be able to circumvent all these problems when it’s introduced.

Apple Face ID

Currently, Face ID functions fantastically for the most part. We’ve found that it’s not always as quick as face unlocks on Android phones like the OnePlus 5T. But it is one step closer to the button-less, port-free mobile phones of the future. There’s still the issue of having to pick it up to unlock your phone which could be solved by an in-display fingerprint sensor.