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Fujitsu Arrows Tab Wi-Fi tablet flaunts waterproof ability

Fujitsu Arrows Wi-Fi Tablet 01

The Fujitsu Arrows Tab Wi-Fi tablet is all geared up to make a debut in Japan and greet Android enthusiasts. Expanding the Arrows line of smartphones and tablets, it will soon be made available at CE stores all through the nation for potential users.

The highlight of this slate is its waterproof abilities owing to the inclusion of IPX5/7. The 5 in the certification means the device should operate smoothly even if it is hosed with water from a nozzle with a certain spraying capacity, while 7 indicates that it won’t be affected even when dunked in water within depth of 1m for approximately 30 minutes. This makes the slate suitable for use in regular household settings like the kitchen, the shower or by the poolside.

Fujitsu Arrows Wi-Fi Tablet 02

Dressed in a shade of eternal white, the gadget boasts of a fingerprint sensor which offers password management as well as easy lock release. The 10.1-inch TFT LCD WXGA touchscreen displays content in a resolution of 1280 × 800p. The screen can be unlocked from sleep mode with just a single finger swipe over the sensor. Also, if data like passwords and account IDs is registered, a fingerprint is all it takes to access and manage it.

Embedded with a 1GHz OMAP4 dual core CPU, this tablet also possesses a Saku-Saku touchpanel covered with super glide coating. Like most tablets in the market, this one is a dual camera device. The front shows off a 1.3MP snapper, while the rear side is dotted with a 5.1MP CMOS sensor. It boasts of standby time of up to 2,900 hours, or music and video playback for almost 83 hours and 10 hours, respectively.

Fujitsu Arrows Wi-Fi Tablet 02

The Fujitsu Arrows Tab Wi-Fi tablet will hit Japan on January 19 in 16GB and 32GB varieties. The price details aren’t clear at present.