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Fropper Music launched in Five Regional Languages in India

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Fropper.com has announced the launch of an online music service enabling users to listen to their favorite songs as they exchange notes with other music lovers on the site dedicated to Indian music lovers.

Fropper Music offers users with a host of pre-determined music channels across five languages, including stations like Hindi Latest, Punjabi/Bhangra, Marathi, Telugu and International Hits. The Fropper Music will further provide users with a way of creating their own customized music channel playing songs on the basis of the users’ taste across genres.

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Users will also be able to undertake ratings, discuss and share their musical tastes and preferences.

Navin Mittal, Business Head, Fropper.com said, “Networking around music is a fairly new concept in India and there is no quality music networking site yet. Internationally, Internet radio is gaining more listeners with every passing day and has already left terrestrial radio far behind in terms of growth. On Fropper Music people will be able to enjoy music on the basis of genre, ratings, social slices, popularity, moods and also build custom channels. Intelligence will be built into the system to enable discovery & interaction.”

Fropper Music will initially have more than 15,000 songs sourced through labels like Venus, Saregama and Tips amongst others. While the regional music content is sourced from labels like Aditya Music, Krunal Music, Sagarika Audio etc. Fropper plans to expand its song base to over 100000 songs in the next 3 months time.

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