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How To Make Fried Sha-Dough [Recipe] — Destiny 2 Dawning

Visage Of Calus D2 In case you’re wondering how to make Fried Sha-Dough or how to gather the ingredients for baking cookies in Destiny 2: The Dawning, we’re about to hit you with the details. Developer Bungie launches the holiday event each year without fail, and there ought to be one this year too.

By participating in The Dawning activities and bounties, players get a chance to lay hands on rare armor, upgrade modules and more by delivering baked goods to NPCs and vendors in the game.

Sha-Dough is the golden cookie of choice for the statue of Calus found in the Tribute Hall. Just like the other recipes in D2, you will need three ingredients to bake one treat.

How to Make Fried Sha-Dough in Destiny 2

Fried Sha Dough
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Sha-Dough is one of the legacy oven recipes in The Dawning. Since the recipes discovered from all the years players have participated in the event remain in their list within the game, we’re guessing having a complete roster of them will be useful in the future.

Additionally, the developers at Bungie have not yet issued any update to get rid of Eva’s oven even when the holiday event is over. So there’s even more incentive to gather information on as many ingredient combinations as possible, whether they’re from 2018, 2019, 2020 or later.

To make Fried Sha-Dough, mix Dark Ether Cane, Superb Texture and Essence of Dawning. You will need –

  • 15 Essence of Dawning OR
  • 10 Essence of Dawning (Masterworked oven, see details below) and
  • Dark Ether Cane, an Uncommon Kill Ingredient and
  • Superb Texture, a Rare Kill Ingredient
Destiny 2 Scorn Enemy
Scorn enemies are the Fallen reanimated

You can gather Dark Ether Cane by killing Scorn enemies. You get 1 for around a hundred Scorn executions, though our count may be slightly off. This enemy type was introduced with the Forsaken expansion way back in 2018. They are dead Fallen enemies brought back to life. They can be found most abundantly in the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City.

Remember not to confuse Dark Ether Cane with plain old Ether Cane (earned by scoring Fallen kills) when baking this holiday gift item. Since the former is not that difficult to farm, there’s no specific weapon or method you need to use for killing Scorn.

Now Superb Texture, being a rare kill ingredient, is harder to obtain. You can gain this consumable via Super kills against any enemy type. Go to an area with a lot of enemies and use your Super ability to kill them. You’ll be able to tell how many you gather because the notifications will pop up on the side of your screen.

Destiny 2 Screenshot Essence of Dawning can only be collected during The Dawning event. Also known as the Dawning Spirit, it is pretty easy to gather by participating in public events, activities, bounties, patrols, Crucible matches, Legendary Lost Sectors, Gambit and so on. You can net 15 (tier 2) or 10 (tier 1) dawning essence in Wrathborn Hunts, for example.

How to deliver Fried Sha-Dough to Visage of Calus?

Don’t search for the Visage of Calus aboard the Leviathan. It can be found only in the Tribute Hall. Open the Director and pick the planet Nessus. You have to complete the Exotic Quest called The Invitation in order to unlock this trophy room. It contains the golden statue of Emperor Calus which will accept the opulent treat and give up to 4 boons to your main character in return (1 each to any secondary characters).

How to masterwork Destiny 2 Holiday Oven?

Destiny 2 Holiday Oven 2.0 Before you can even start making cookies and confections for NPCs in return for rare items, you need the equipment to bake it. To do this, approach the NPC Guardian Outfitter, Eva Levante, in the Courtyard of the Tower. Accept her quest. You will then need to open your Quests tab in the Director and get ready to start using all the Eva’s holiday oven 2.0 recipes you’ve laid hands on. If you’re lucky, you’ll be given some starter ingredients too.

Spend more time baking over questing for Eva and you will be able to make all the new cookie recipes sooner. Baking one of each lets you masterwork your holiday oven so that one cookie now costs less to create – you will need only 10 instead of 15 Essence of Dawning at this point.


Q. How to get dark ether cane D2?

A. Get dark ether cane by killing Scorn enemies in Tangled Shore or Dreaming City. It is an Uncommon Kill Ingredient which is indicated in green in the D2 holiday oven. You don’t have to use any particular method or weapon to kill Scorn. Even though the name may be misleading, uncommon kills are not as difficult to earn as rare kills. For those who don’t know, the Scorn are reanimated Fallen that were introduced to Destiny 2 in the Forsaken expansion in 2018.
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Q. How to get Superb Texture D2?

A. Superb Texture is a Rare Kill Ingredient that can be collected by killing any enemy type in a specific way. Go to an area where you’ll have the opportunity of killing enemies by the droves and use your Super ability to eliminate them. Mowing them down using any other method will not earn you this consumable.

Q. How do you get all Dawning ingredients in Destiny 2?

A. At last count, apart from Essence of Dawning, there are 20 ingredients that can be gathered during the holiday event in D2.

  • Perfect Taste – Kill with precision
  • Delicious Explosions – Rack up kills with explosion damage
  • Superb Texture – Kill with super ability
  • Sharp Flavor – Killing enemies with a sword
  • Electric Flavor – Win kills via arc damage
  • Impossible Heat – Score kills with solar-charged damage
  • Multifaceted Favors – Gains Multi-kills rapidly
  • Pinch Of Light – Pick up Orbs of Light
  • Bullet Spray – Shoot down enemies with gun/riles
  • Flash Of Inspiration – Generate Orbs of Light with Masterworked weapons or supers
  • Personal Touch – Earn via melee kills
  • Null Taste – Eliminate enemies with void damage
  • Balanced Flavors – Kill with rifle, gun or bow
  • Finishing Touch – Perform finishing blows
  • Ether Cane – Exterminate Fallen enemies using any method
  • Vex Milk – Eliminate Vex in any manner
  • Taken Butter – Kill Taken using any means
  • Chitin Powder – Exterminate Hive with any method
  • Cabal Oil – Defeat Cabal in any way
  • Dark Ether Cane – Kill Scorn using any method
  • Essence of Dawning – Participate in activities like events, strikes, matches, patrols and so on