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7 FreshBooks Alternatives

Here we have some FreshBooks alternatives that will help you with the task of accounting, invoicing and making payments. You can trust the software in question when dealing with finances and as a time tracking system has been integrated within the cloud-based service, it allows you to pull the tracked time into the invoice as well. Another advantage is that it saves you the hassles of entering receipts because the program can directly be synched to a horde of banks and credit cards in the US and Canada. And if you are looking for services with similar features, then you have landed at the right place. Scroll right down to know more about the contenders that have managed to get a mention on our roster.

1 – Expensify:


This program claims to make expenses easy and lets you quickly add in details pertaining to them. All your card transactions can be imported automatically if you choose to link your bank account to Expensify. Capturing billable costs and tracking time is possible and so is uploading and storing receipts without having to type the details out.

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The service which is said to have been built for administrators can process multiple reports on a single click and as all controls are automated, there’s absolutely no need to worry about duplicate expense logs. Its mobile applications are available for platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone as well as BlackBerry.

2 – Zoho Invoice:

Zoho Invoice

As the name suggests, this service from our compilation of programs like FreshBooks can be used for sending invoices to customers over the internet. You can create invoices and manage them via the online account. Tracking payments become all the easier and it gives your clients the option of paying you through Zoho itself. Creating elegant invoices is possible with a little assistance from built-in templates.

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You can customize these templates as well. In case your clients prefer the traditional way of receiving bills, you can opt for its snail mail services. You can track cash inflow, schedule automated reminders and even accept online payments through select gateways.

3 – Invoicera:


Invoicera has been designed for all those professionals who work for people around the world and are required to generate invoices in the languages and currencies of their clients. It understands as many as 11 tongues and converts amounts into different currencies without your intervention. Here also you will find customizable templates and the option to remove or add fields.

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You can send the bills to multiple contacts and even set up recurring invoices if they need to be sent periodically. The time tracking function is present and so is support for gateways to accept online payments.

4 – Nutcache:


And now we have a contender in our lineup of software similar to FreshBooks that will not charge you a single penny for helping you maintain accounts and send invoices to customers. The simple and user-friendly software even claims to be safe as all precautions for keeping the sensitive data safe is taken, while back up folders are created on secured servers.

Apart from creating and sending invoices in 6 different formats, the program comes in handy for tracking time and even keeps tabs on late or partial payments. You can create personalized invoices and send them to multiple clients at the same time too.

5 – Ronin:


Ronin is said to have been designed for those of you who handle small businesses or work as freelancers and just like all the other programs mentioned here, handles invoices and track time. You can trust the service to take care of clients, projects, bills, estimates and save up on precious time. It permits you to customize invoices and send them in different currencies.

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For expenses that recur at regular intervals, it is possible to schedule invoices that are automatically forwarded at the pre-determined time. You get to track expenses, send estimates and get them approved and even collaborate with team members through the software.

6 – CurdBee:


Another web application that has found a place on this catalog listing out programs like FreshBooks is CurdBee that gives you a break from all the paperwork. It is pretty similar to the programs we have added to our roster as it allows creating estimates and getting them approved, creating invoices and getting online payments from various clients.

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The recurring bill function is available here and so are time and expenses tracking. All your finances are displayed on the screen as and when you want to take a look, so you can make sure you received all the payments and keep tabs on your earnings.

7 – Xero:


Xero is the service you should opt for if you want a rundown of your cash flow at a glance whenever you log in. There’s an option for foreign currencies accounts that calculates your profits and losses in the currency you prefer and create invoices to send them to clients on the move.

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Apart from accepting payments through multiple gateways, it is also possible to pay bills and handle all sorts of personal expenses. And what’s more, an inventory has been tossed into the mix for simplifying invoicing and tracking stock movements.


So this was a comprehensive list of some of the multiple FreshBooks alternatives that we think should be given a try. Most of them can carry out all of the functions that you expect the said program to do and even more. You can check out the pricing for each of them and select the contender that suits your budget the best. When you are done trying them out, get back to us with your views and opinions.