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7 Free Spreadsheet Programs

Select a free spreadsheet program from the following list if you are looking for alternatives that do not require you to shell out anything. The alternatives listed here are as good as Microsoft’s Excel or Apple’s Numbers and some of them also let you import your existing files for editing purposes. So if you have decided to bid farewell to the aforementioned suites, here we have a roundup of some similar free applications to help you carry out your work without any problems. Read on to know more.

Free Spreadsheet Programs

1 – Google Drive:

Google Drive

The very first contender on the spreadsheet programs roster is Google Drive, developed by the makers of the search engine themselves. Available for desktop, Android devices as well as for gadgets based on the iOS platform, it includes a word processor called Docs and a utility to create presentations which has been dubbed Slides, besides the utility in question.

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The concerned application of Google has all the functions that you may be looking for and it tags along a number of templates so you can easily create professional-looking documents. These can be saved on the cloud storage service itself, so you can even collaborate with colleagues in real time.

2 – Kingsoft:


The next utility from our list is a part of Kingsoft Office suite and can also be downloaded separately. It is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000 and even works with documents created in Microsoft Excel 2003 or 2007. Insert 11 types of charts into your files or make use of the built-in formula function to carry out various mathematical operations. The application tags along a convenient tool bar as well as shortcuts and displays a tab bar on the top for allowing you to switch between multiple documents. And if that’s not enough, it has a built-in PDF converter too, so you can easily convert files in the PDF format.

3 – IBM Lotus Symphony:

IBM Lotus Symphony

IBM Lotus Symphony is another suite that has a separate application for the type of documents in question. It allows you to create, edit, share and save a variety of these files. As it extends support to some other suites like Microsoft Office and Lotus SmartSuite, you can import documents created in these applications and edit in Lotus Symphony. Apart from this, it allows creating files from scratch or make use of templates to do so.

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And like Kingsoft, it has an option of exporting files in the PDF format too. Additionally, the productivity tool tags along a library of mathematical functions, tabbed user interface, a formula evaluator, data tables and much more.

4 – Apache OpenOffice Calc:

Apache OpenOffice Calc

The next spot on our spreadsheet programs rundown has been assigned to Apache OpenOffice’s Calc, an intuitive and easy-to-learn application which claims to bring a comprehensive range of advanced functions. Its DataPilot technology helps you pull in data from databases and include it in your documents. In addition to a Sum button, it comes with natural language formulas so you do not have to go through many hassles for calculating. Templates are available for download through the Extensions repository and it also encourages collaborative work, thanks to its support for multiple users. Needless to mention, you can import your Excel documents in it and export the resulting file in the PDF format. The suite works on Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS X systems.

5 – LibreOffice Calc:

LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice is yet another utility that can be installed on systems running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 and Mac OS X 10.4 or later. It is even compatible with multiple Linux-based computers. Calc by It offers almost all the functions and features that are found in the applications mentioned above.

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It calculates automatically, thanks to all the built-in formulas and even has a set of templates to help you create documents without difficulties. And what’s more, the tool boasts of extending support to Microsoft Excel files created on Windows or Mac PCs and export content as PDF.

6 – SSuite Office Excalibur Accel:

Image 6

Accel from SSuite Office Excalibur is the equivalent of Microsoft Excel and deserves to be mentioned in this spreadsheet programs lineup. You can install the application if you are using a Windows computer running platforms like NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8. Accel is said to have tools required for calculating, analyzing, summarizing and presenting data in numerical reports.

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A help system is integrated in it and the tool allows you to add colorful graphics and 2D or 3D charts. A single click is all that is needed to hide or show data ranges and you can format cells too. And it goes without saying that it is compliant with documents created in Microsoft Excel.

7 – Zoho Docs:

Zoho Docs is an online utility which is not required to be downloaded on your system. You can simply navigate to the official website and sign up to start working. It boasts of functions to let you edit or create a document from scratch and once your work is done, share it with others via the application itself.

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There are charts at your disposal and it recalculates all the values by itself in case you make changes to the file. It allows importing Excel files and even exports documents as Excel, OpenOffice, Gnumeric or Open Document files amongst others.


Surely, by now you may have shortlisted that one free spreadsheet program which you’d be using in the future. Do tell us which one it is. And if you have another utility in mind that has not been mentioned on this list, drop in the name in the comments section below.


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