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Free Registry Cleaner For Windows 7

A free registry cleaner for Windows 7 list comes in handy especially when you need a reliable solution and are perplexed as to which one to procure. Well, there are indeed a fine lot of options present out there and we’ve compiled a lineup of the top choices that cater to a number of PC systems, including the one in question. You can turn to any of the following software bits for performing registry cleanups and taking care of errors as well as giving your PC a major speed boost in the bargain. So read on to familiarize yourself with the acme lot present here.

1 – Eusing Free Registry Cleaner 3.2:

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The aim of this particular program is to repair registry errors and clean up the virtual debris without you having to face any hassles. With this software sitting in your PC, you’ll be able to rid yourself of invalid help files, ActiveX, paths, fonts, startup programs and application paths as well as missing shared Dlls, unused file extensions, obsolete start menu order and empty registry keys.

And thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can easily repair invalid entries and clean your registry without even breaking a sweat. You can further expect automatic backup of all your repaired registry entries. Apart from the system in question, this multilingual option even complies with XP, Vista, 2003, 8, 2000 NT, 9x and Me.

2 – Auslogics Registry Cleaner:

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Now if you’re experiencing random program failures or system errors, it’s time to call in another specialist who won’t charge you even a dime for sharing its expertise. Besides just keeping your Windows registry as clean as a whistle by eradicating obsolete records, this entrant in our roster even has the ability to fix registry errors.

Once this program has worked its magic on your PC, you’ll be left with a smoother and more stable performance. A few basic categories you’ll see here include file extensions, application paths, firewall, help files, installed software, internet and startup. The latest version is dubbed and is further compatible with Windows 8, XP and Vista.

3 – CCleaner:

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This particular option has been quite popular with the masses ever since it hit the scene nearly a decade ago. Developed by Piriform, the utility program claims to foray onto the scene with handy features that help to remove unused or old registry entries sitting in your Windows PC. Some of these attributes include ActiveX controls, progids, shared dlls, help files, icons, file extensions, classids, uninstallers, fonts, application paths and application paths.

It further aids in ridding the system of temporary files and recent file lists from applications like Windows Media Player, WinRAR, Nero and more. All your online activities like your internet history will also be wiped clean.

4 – Wise Registry Cleaner:

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Planning to pick up this inclusion in our array? Well, it would truly be a ‘wise’ decision to do so especially since it comes with a whole slew of interesting features. Slow running PCs could be a thing of the past for you especially since it comes with the ability to clean defragment files and registry errors.

What’s more, it separates the harmful registry entries from the safe ones and even backs up the deleted registry. It is also compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and 8.

5 – Comodo PC TuneUp:

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‘Ready to speed up your PC?,’ quips the brains behind this endeavor. Well, if you’re nodding your head in the affirmative, then read on. This all-in-one program is the amalgamation of a registry cleaner and a complete system cleaner. It has the ability to fix corrupt registry entries, clear junk to boost your PC and even save space by deleting any duplicates it might come across. The software further backups and clears your system of malware like spyware and viruses. A few names of the categories lined up here read as font locations, menu order, shared folders, uninstall locations and shared dlls.

6 – JetClean:

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This lightweight solution in our roundup is a user-friendly program that proffers one-click clean and fine-tuning functionalities. When called upon, the contender makes its way through to different sections in your PC such as the clipboard, memory dumps, log files, recycle bin, recent documents, temporary files and DNS cache to eradicate any unwanted files that might be present in these places. You can also say goodbye to system errors and crashes and welcome an improved performance once this multilingual program gets all the clutter out of your precious computer.

7 – RegSeeker:

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According to the developer, this final alternative in our collection is fitted with a cleaner tool and registry search option. It further lets you seamlessly manage the applications installed in your PC as well as startup entries. You can also find duplicate files and invalid shortcuts as well as clear internet and application document histories. Integrated with a useful backup manager, the software even boasts of incorporating an easy interface and auto-cleaner option.


All in all, we’re sure you’ll be able to pick a free registry cleaner for Windows 7 that suits your needs to the tee. And if you’re looking for other sorts of programs that comply with the system in question, you can check out our slew of comprehensive lists that are created to please cost-conscious tech enthusiasts just like you. We’ve penned down compilations that include the best media players, antivirus programs and firewall options.

What’s more, all these lineups comprise of names that can be procured without you even shelling out a single penny, similar to the title that’s in the spotlight here. So scan through the choices and leave your mentions in the box below.