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Free PS Plus games for May revealed

Beyond: Two Souls

The month of April saw the likes of Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo entering the libraries of PS Plus members, and now the list of free titles for the month of May has been revealed. PS4 owners will be able to drown themselves in the interactive drama of Beyond: Two Souls and the unlimited fun of Rayman Legends.

The lineup of PS3 games that will be made available for PS Plus subscribers has also been revealed by Sony. Risen 3: Titan Lords, the 2014 RPG from Piranha Bytes and Eat Them, the well-appreciated action game from 2010 will be delivered to them. Plus members on the PS Vita will get their two games in the form of arcade puzzler King Oddball and the physics-based Furmins.

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But it’s the titles meant for the PS4 that are grabbing all the attention. Beyond: Two Souls, which stars Hollywood star Ellen Page, was originally a PS3 game that later got ported to the PS4. It mixes interactive drama with an action-adventure model. This game has been developed by Quantic Dream, the same studio that gave us the 2010 psychological thriller, Heavy Rain.

Rayman Legends on the other hand, is an out and out amusing offering directed by Michel Ancel. Hailed as one of the best platforming games ever made, it has made its way to a number of consoles since its original release for the PS3, the Wii U, the Xbox 360 and PC. It was later ported to the PS Vita, the PS4 and the Xbox One, while a version for the Nintendo Switch was also launched last year.

This is no doubt going to be a great month for all the PS Plus members who own a PS4.

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