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7 Free Piano Software

Free Piano Software

The following free piano software bits help you tap into your inner Mozart. With these programs opened across your PC or browser, you’ll be able to play sweet melodies through your trusty keyboard. And no, we don’t mean the one that’s littered with black and white keys. You can punch in notes and play entire songs via your computer keyboard – the tool that generally aids in punching alphabets, numbers and characters onscreen. What’s more, the virtual treasure chest featured here is packed to the hilt with freebies which means you won’t have to even shell out a single penny for playing the piano.

1 – Electronic Piano:

Electronic Piano 2.5

Through this interesting software, you’ll be able to belt out chords, musical notes and even drum audio bits while seated at your PC. Taking up just a little disk space, according to the developer, this software enables you to do all this and more through your very own keyboard. You can further take complete advantage of 128 musical instruments and 47 drum sounds as well as volume and octave selection for chords and melody.

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The program even lets you chime out a dozen chord types by hitting just a single button. Although it’s not fashioned for professionals, novices can still do a lot with it. The maker has dubbed it into 3 languages namely, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

2 – KB Piano:


This inclusion in our piano software list allows you to groove to the ivories’ tunes without having to procure an actual music keyboard. You can use your computer keyboard instead, to acquire sound melodies from your PC speakers. You’ll be spoiled for choice with more than 128 different sounds to opt from. There’s even a tool dubbed ‘Qchords’ that’s thrown into the whole amalgamation. This feature lets you play chords by simply hitting just one single key.

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You can also create your very own song and sound professional while at it. The program records using up to 99 channels and edits errors via the Events Editor. Add effects like echo, flanger, reverb, distortion and chorus to channels and save your compositions in the form of WMA, WAV or MIDI files.

3 – Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard:

Virtual MIDI Keyboard

Noted to be a MIDI events generator and receiver, this program lets you play MIDI notes through the PC keyboard and mouse. Notes from another file players or instruments can also be displayed across your computer screen. As the maker reveals, the VMPK has been tried and tested with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems. It further utilizes a modern GUI framework Qt4. The free software is currently in its early alpha stage.

4 – ButtonBeats:


This entrant in our piano software lineup proffers a wide variety of virtual keyboards to jam on. Just above the onscreen ivory layout you’ll be able to see the sheet music section which sports a host of alphabets. Now in order to listen to a complete song, all you need to do is punch in the letters in sequence and you’ll be playing like a pro in no time.

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The program is packed with loads of different songs as well as piano effects. You can also record your masterpieces and use different mixers with balance, tempo, volume and visualization. What’s more, Google Chrome users can also exploit the same piano player through their browser through a dedicated app.

5 – Synthesia:


Want to learn how to play the piano? Well, how about trying your hand at this particular software? It teaches you how to belt out foot-tapping tracks based on falling notes. The program also lets you practice playing the keyboard through a fun new method. You can further activate musical notation or keep it switched off completely. As the developer states, there are more than 150 songs to avail of here. You can either choose to play any MIDI file or create one of your own.

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You’ll even be able to challenge friends as well as go up against other players from across the globe. Some of the other attributes include lighted keyboard support, finger number hints, play at your own speed and practice hands separately. It’s available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS X 10.4 or later minus a price tag.

6 – Little Piano:

Little Piano

The maker of this contender in our piano software array invites you to ‘convert your PC into a piano.’ It’s blessed with a user-friendly interface through which you can take advantage of over 127 different instruments as well as record all your favorite songs via 10 dedicated channels. You’ll also be able to seamlessly share your masterpieces with the world, absolutely free of cost.

7 – MagicScore Virtual Piano 7:


Our final virtual treat lets you seamlessly type lyrics, compose music and print scores. And like the other software options listed here, this one too allows you to play notes by simply tapping on the PC keyboard or through the medium of the mouse. Crafted by professional musicians, the application enables you to create fresh compositions and even share them with friends and family by publishing the masterpieces onto your website via the integrated MagicScore Online plugin.


If names like Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt, George Frideric Handel and Frédéric Chopin strike a chord with you then you’ve certainly come to the right place. We’ve lined up an assortment of free piano software options that’ll allow you to belt out foot-tapping tunes and melodic songs through your computer. No need to slide onto your grandmother’s upright piano that’s sitting pretty in the middle of the living room or purchase a new organ. Some of these delights mentioned here even help teach music enthusiasts how to play the instrument. Give them all a try and don’t forget to leave your mentions in the comment box below.