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6 Best Free PDF Editors

Free PDF Editors

Viewing files created in Adobe’s Portable Document Format may undoubtedly be easy, but the hard part arises when you wish to make a few changes to them and so we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best free PDF editors. PDF was created a long time ago by Adobe Systems and over the past few years, it has been considered as a formal open standard. What gives the format the acclaimed global reputation is its capabilities of retaining as well as preserving the original document source file information such as text, images, multimedia and much more, regardless of the application used for creation. Besides these, you can secure all content by creating password-protected PDF files that are also viewable on almost any OS.

Open Source Freeware:

1. PDFedit –


PDFedit is an open source and lightweight project which allows you to edit PDF files for free. The main purpose of this tool is to change as well as manipulate objects within a document and save all modifications into a new file. Additionally, advanced users will be able to convert raw PDF objects or make changes to the document with the wide availability of GUI functions. Through its multi-platform support, you can run this application on the Windows, Linux and Unix OS. Currently, the software is still in its beta stages.

2. OpenOffice –


Next up on the free PDF editors shortlist is OpenOffice, a freeware that is compatible with most major office suits. The software basically comprises of 6 features namely Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base and Math. The Writer tool allows you to quickly create documents. However, you can only export your work to PDF or the IOS standard PDF/A and not import files in the same formats. But that doesn’t mean you can’t edit files though this software. With the Oracle PDF Import Extension, the software gains the added capability of modifying PDF documents as well. Furthermore, the add-on also brings in a number of new features that enable you to convert images, vector graphics and import password-protected files. The text is automatically formatted with an alternative font if a particular one used by the files isn’t installed.

Online editors:

3. PDFVue –


If you’re not a fan of downloading third-party applications, but in need of a way to conveniently modify PDF documents, then PDFVue could be of some help. What makes it stand out from the others in our free PDF editors roster is its capability to allow changes on a PDF document online. However, the software comes with a few restrictions of its own like a 500 PDF storage limit, the company’s watermark on each edited file and a 2MB size limit. And if you feel that these barriers are weighing you down, there are also a few professional offerings available through the company.

4. PDFescape –


PDFescape is an all-in-one tool that comprises of a reader, editor, filler, designer, and annotator for PDF files. Through this software, you can add text, images and various other shapes. It also allows you to move content around, delete pages and link other PDF documents as well as change information tags. And if you feel that your content is private and shouldn’t be misused, you can encrypt the file with a password as well as affix documents with a scanned signature. Being Web-based, this online tool is compatible with any browser that’s JavaScript enabled like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera. To edit documents online, PDFescape requires an active internet connection at all times.

Trial versions:

5. Nitro Pro 7 –

Nitro Pro 7

What puts Nitro Pro 7 on our lineup of free PDF editors is just not its ability to edit PDF content, but also its wide range of features that provide you enhanced options for carrying out changes to the document. With this application, you can preview PDF files directly from folders or Microsoft Outlook, without the need of running the program first.

Additionally, it adds in extended support for accessing documents through web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. Besides these, the software lets you create a PDF file from a single document or even multiple ones. There is also a file converter which makes documents MS Office-friendly and optical character recognition (OCR) technology that allows you to scan images or files for text. The Nitro 7 Pro application price is $99.99, but it’s available as a trial version with full capabilities.

6. Expert PDF Editor –

Expert PDF Editor

Whether the Expert PDF Editor application stands up to its offerings or not, the Microsoft Office 2007-like user interface could just give you a homely feel. Through its intuitive design, you can edit, view and even print PDF documents. To ensure document authenticity as well as integrity, you can sign your PDF files by adding digital certificates. And if you’ve got a few articles lying around, the application also lets you create a single file by inserting, extracting, deleting and re-ordering pages from multiple ones. This software can be downloaded as a free trial and it requires purchase for accessing advanced functions. The Expert PDF Editor price tag reads at $81.13.

Since PDFs are basically created for publishing purposes and present themselves as final copies that aren’t intended to be further modified, with our six best free PDF editors, you should be able to carry out whatever changes you desire. Also, if one of the aforesaid applications doesn’t work, there’s no harm in giving another one on the list a try. And do let us know which tool worked best for you.