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6 Free Paint Programs For Mac

Scouting the scene for a free paint program for Mac so you can create masterpieces without having to shell out a single penny? Well, today is your lucky day as you’ll be spoiled for choice right here. We’ve listed out a comprehensive lineup of worthy options that will allow you to unleash your creativity without spending even a cent. There are loads of similar gems available for the Windows platform as well as portable devices. It’s now time to reveal some laudable names that are compatible with the Apple OS.

Free Paint Program For Mac

1 – Paintbrush:


Looking for a software that allows you to create simple artworks without having to undergo boring tutorials or handle complex tools? Well, if you agree, then waste no time in procuring this particular delight. Paintbrush boasts of including features such as rewritten text tool for pinpoint-accurate insertion, cropping, image resizing, transparent selection, canvas resizing and a streamlined user-interface.

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You can also form objects by using 4 new tools namely, rounded rectangle, zoom, eyedropper and airbrush. What’s more, the software can also open and save to different formats like TIFF, PNG, GIF and JPEG.

2 – Pinta:


This light and simple open source entrant in our paint program for Mac roster lets you draw freehand masterpieces as well as put your own spin on a variety of images. You can also sketch out rectangles, lines, ellipses and more by using the tools provided here. Pinta even enables you to dabble in unlimited layers so that you can edit your photos more easily. And feel free to try out different possibilities and use the ‘undo’ command while working on the virtual canvas for this gem has the ability to track your complete history. Adding to its list of attributes are more than 35 adjustments and effects. Besides just complying with the OS in question, this multilingual treat is also available for Linux and Windows systems.

3 – GIMP:

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With this versatile graphics manipulation package at your fingertips, you’ll have all the tools required to let your imagination run free across your computer. Thanks to its customizable interface, you can seamlessly adjust different aspects like view, icon sizes, widget spacing and colors as per your preference. You’ll also be able to edit your pictures by utilizing the handful of tools that are at your disposal here.

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GIMP further extends support to a variety of file formats like GIF, TIFF, PNG and JPEG. The open source solution even extends its reach to art enthusiasts who prefer working on systems other than the one mentioned here such as Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and Sun OpenSolaris.

4 – SeaShore:


This particular open source image editor in our paint program for Mac array provides a plethora of interesting features that involve gradients, textures and anti-aliasing for text and brush strokes.

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You can also expect to dabble in alpha channel editing, popovers, info panel, core image filters and multiple layers. Created by Mark Pazolli, SeaShore even features a highly customizable interface and complies with different file formats such as PDF, XCF and SVG.

5 – Tux Paint:

Tux Paint

After shedding light on some titles that proffered an intricate set of tools for both professionals as well as amateur fans of art, we now suggest an interesting name that’s aimed at children. With the help of Tux Paint, your little tyke can display his or her creative spark by doodling fantastic objects. And since your kid will be drawing and splashing color on the virtual platform, you won’t have to worry about color spills or stains on the wall. Coming back to the software at hand, it forays onto the scene with a simple, user-friendly interface as well as a number of fun drawing tools.

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Your child will be able to hear quirky sound effects when a particular tool is picked up. There’s even a cartoon image of the Linux penguin that points out helpful hints, tips and information bits. As far as the drawing tools are concerned, youngsters can exploit options like rubber stamp, brush, line tool, text and label tools, shape tool, eraser and undo. The developer also throws in a Magic tool that proffers special effects such as blocks, confetti, emboss, foam, kaleidoscope, hexagon mosaic, edges, distortion, chalk, perspective, puzzle, ROYGBIV rainbow and fisheye. The open source, cross-platform gem is out for Windows and Linux systems as well and has been translated into a host of language so that children from all over the globe may show off their talent.

6 – HeliosPaint:


The final contender in our paint program for Mac roundup is noted to be a feature-rich software piece that comes complete with a bagful of handy options. The virtual collection comprises of a shape tool, copy brush, image color and transparency adjustment, spray can, eraser, curved lines, pencil, full color palette, text entry, image filters, zoom in / out, undo and redo, scissors, wand and lasso tools. The current HeliosPaint version namely, 1.5 features a couple of new attributes and is also available for Windows and Linux computers besides the OS in the spotlight here.


Want to create a masterpiece like Picasso, Vincent van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci without messing your studio or ending up giving your shirt an ‘art attack?’ Well, if you’re nodding with enthusiasm as you’re reading these words then you’re definitely in for a complete treat. All of the aforesaid options in our free paint program for Mac compilation are great for breathing life into whatever fantastic creation your imagination can cook up. While some offer you just the basic tools, there are a few that allow you to form more complex designs. So which lucky winner will you be taking home today?