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7 Best Free Online Storage Sites

Best Free Online Storage Sites

We could suggest you to use the Windows Backup and Restore tool or the Mac’s Time Machine to store away your files on an external HDD, but since cloud services allow data to be preserved and accessed as well as shared from almost anywhere, we’ve whipped up a list comprising of 7 best free online storage sites. Hard drives as we know tend to be more on the unreliable side and we’re sure no one’s a fan of losing precious data. So with these companies, you can backup various types of files through memory options that start from 2GB and stretch all the way up to a total of 200GB.

1. SkyDrive –


With the wide adoption of cloud based-services, Microsoft has initiated one of its own. SkyDrive allows you to store and organize data files, photos, images, videos and many others on Windows Live servers. You can create folders and arrange all files with different level tags as well as set permissions for top-level ones in order to keep your confidential data secure and private. The cloud service enables you to share content with others through direct links over the Windows Live network or people on your contact list. It also comes with the SkyDrive storage meter to help you keep track of uploads. And if you ever feel like accessing your stuff, all you need is an internet connection to download files from any computer. The company is also liable to set an upload limit each month, however no details have been provided on the exact amount of free available data.

2. iDrive –


What puts iDrive on our list of free online storage sites is its enhanced security and high flexibility offerings. The hosted data can only be deleted by the user manually. And, to ensure your files are safe, the last 30 versions of all content are retained. With this online storage service, you can access your account from practically anywhere by simply signing into the company’s website. The iDrive Explorer provides a virtual drive view of all backed up data through which you can access and restore files whenever needed. It also comes enabled with the drag-n-drop function for an added convenience in restoring content from the online drive to your PC. The iDrive free membership comes with 5GB of online storage.

3. CX –


CX is a cloud-based storage service that provides free data of up to 10GB. You can upload your files and access them from anywhere through its multiple device support. To start storing content with the company, you’ll first need the downloadable client through which you can also share data with others by applying public attributes. Security-wise, this free online storage site provides 256bit encryption, backups and firewall protection to keep all data safe. CX allows you as well as friends to add comments on files through the group functionality. And if you happen to run out of data, each friend referral brings in an additional 300GB of storage.

4. ADrive –


50GB of free storage may seem a lot, but considering current requirements, it may just be enough to store away all important data. ADrive is a file storage service that supports uploading of all file types. On signing up, you can universally access all of your content as long as there’s an active internet connection present. Unlike most other companies that provide similar services, your ADrive files can be managed by simply logging into your account. However, a PC application is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS. To share data with friends, a unique link to the content can be acquired. When it comes to limitations, the maximum file size limit should not exceed more than 2GB.

5. Megaupload –


Featured amongst our recommended free online storage sites, Megaupload has been in the online file storage business for quiet sometime now. The company allows you to store away any type of file below 1024MB onto its servers. Besides letting you create a backup for your data, you can conveniently share content with practically anyone on the internet. With 200GB allotted to every free account, each upload gets assigned a unique download link. So, if friends want a file you have, simple send them the URL. However, there’s a catch. Each file should be accessed by the user every 90 days to prevent the company from permanently deleting it. Megaupload also provides its MegaManager software to help you conveniently upload or download files to and from your PC. And even if your internet connection gets dropped during the transfer, it supports standard HTTP download resuming capabilities as well.

6. 4Shared –


4Shared is somewhat similar to Megaupload, but instead of 200GB storage, it provides free accounts with 10GB of online capacity. On uploading a file, a link will be available through which you can download or share data with others. To ensure your files are saved on the company’s server, a login time frame of 180 days has to be maintained in order to prevent data loss. Furthermore, the maximum upload size for data is limited to 2048MB. The company also provides the 4Shared Desktop client for added features such a multiple transfers and resume capabilities as well as a intuitive file manager.

7. FlipDrive –


Providing up to 5GB of free storage for basic subscriptions, FlipDrive is another convenient way to get your files into a safer location. It allows you to upload all sorts of data and comes with a few additional apps for managing photos, contacts, calendars and bookmarks. And that isn’t all it has to offer. Your account can be accessed by multiple users for more collaborative work within groups. It allows you to set permission levels on each folder which can be securely shared between different accounts. When it comes to drawbacks, basic users can upload files with a maximum size of 25MB.

Now that we’ve laid out best free online storage sites, you can either choose one or maybe two of these storage solutions as long as it meets your requirements. Also, some of these cloud services allow you to share files with friends and acquaintances, so make sure all uploads are legit and in no way in violation of any copyright laws.