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Free Online Scientific Calculator

Free Online Scientific Calculator

Our free online scientific calculator array comes in handy when a standard number-cruncher just doesn’t seem like the right tool for the job. The free options on our lineup are programmed to handle a whole bunch of complex sums that might pertain to the field of science, engineering, physics or mathematics. Gone are the days where you had to invest in expensive electronic gadgets or the old slide ruler to solve all your complicated equations. Wondering what you can expect from these interesting internet e-items? Well for one, the interface employed by each of these delights shines brightly with large buttons and clear display space. And yes, they all can be procured without even spending a penny.

1 – Calculator Tab:

Option 1

At a glance, you might think this may just be another program out there that allows you to punch in complicated numbers and conduct complex equations. However on closer inspection, you should be able to espy its one special attribute that seems to set it apart from the others out there. As the developer reveals, it boasts of an amazing memory bank that has the ability to hoard a limitless amount of digits and descriptions without adhering to any particular time frame. This information can be categorized by the number of uses, date or name. The web solution can also manage values from 4.9e-324 to 1.7e+308.

2 – web2.0calc.com:

Option 2

Want to tackle advanced mathematical sums while surfing the internet? Well, why not give this particular entrant in our roster a try? During your stay here, you can easily pull off computations that involve logarithmic, trigonometric and exponential functions as well as complex numbers, large digits and floating point arithmetic. Also integrated with a ‘History’ box, the program lets you avail of different formulas that are plucked right out from the worlds of algebra, geometry, finance and trigonometry. And those of you wielding an Android-powered device, you’ll be happy to know that there’s even an app available on the Google Play store, which lets you conduct all these functions while on the go.

3 – Encalc:

Option 3

Cutting right to the chase, this specific program can seamlessly deal with units and dimensional analysis as well as symbolic algebra and calculus problems. All you have to do is just punch in a few numbers or variable and you’ll be staring at the answer in no time. What’s more, there’s also a large database present here that includes a whole host of physical constants. You can even adjust the settings to suit your personal preferences. The website further supports parentheses, integration, formulas and differentiation.

4 – The Free Calculator:

Option 4

Want quick access to some brightly-colored buttons for solving complex equations? Well, the next inclusion in our lineup lets you do just that and then some. According to the brains behind this endeavor, it can handle mathematical functions such as 1/x, sin, cos, tan, inv, pi, in, n!, x^2, x^y and sqrt, to name a few. Some of the website’s other features include easy clearing and memory options. And besides just complying with the topic at hand, the software even has the ability to tackle simple and compound interest, temperature, percentage, weight, budget and BMI.

5 – jCalc:

Option 5

Allowing you to compute directly through your internet browser minus dabbling in any downloads is one of this website’s main features. This attribute seems to come in handy especially when you’re seated at a cyber café or at a friend’s PC. However, do make sure that Javascript is enabled in the browser before you begin. The application is quite small and won’t take a long time to download. What’s more, you can even integrate it into your website if you wish.

6 – Online-Calculator.com:

Option 6

Here’s another program that employs colorful buttons along with a slew of interesting features. And one of those handy attributes is the software’s ability to enlarge the e-machine so that it occupies nearly your entire PC screen. And besides just providing a computing solution for all your complex functions, the tool in question also proffers an web-based bacus and stopwatch as well as darts, simple, math and BMI number-crunchers.

7 – Calculate For Free:

Option 7

Here you’re called upon to do exactly as the name suggests – solve complicated mathematical problems without having to part ways with some greens. This contender in our roundup boasts of incorporating not just one but a trio of reliable computing options. The first entry of the lot is of the JavaScript sort that’s sure to come in handy for chemists. It can deduce molecular weight apart from cos, sin, power, log and root, and even feature tables with chemical and physical constants. The next choice can handle more complex math functions and is blessed with an uncomplicated input layout. The final one of the three is a Flash computing machine that helps solve all your math-related problems without posing any trouble.


Just last month, we jotted out a list of a few number-crunchers that you could rely on while surfing the World Wide Web. The gems present there served a whole bunch of purposes and stood out among the crowd, all thanks to their unique features. While some only allowed you to conduct simple mathematical actions, others let you solve more complicated numeric problems. Now if you were on the lookout for a more specific section namely a free online scientific calculator then we’re sure you’ll be able to find your answer right here. So don’t forget to leave your favorite mentions in the box place just below.