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6 Free Games Like WoW

Our free games like WoW list offers you exciting massively multiplayer online role-playing games that will keep you engaged for hours on end. Each of them will mesmerize you with its charismatic characters, wonderful landscapes and interesting activities. You’ll even get to take on some pretty mean baddies along with pals as well as ardent players plucked from all across the globe. And as you might have already guessed, all of the names strewn across our compilation can be availed of without shelling out a single penny.

1 – Runescape:


The events in Runescape are based in a medieval fantasy setting. You’re called on to embark on an exciting adventure where you can explore the vast cities located within the world of Gielinor and even engage in fights with rival clans. This browser-based game also lets you indulge in player vs. player and player vs. environment battles. Here you can create and customize your very own characters and take complete advantage of more than 2 dozen different skills like woodcutting and fire-making, to name a few. Furthermore, you’ll find over 150 extra quests and 9 extra skills as well as 20 members-only mini-activities. Join up with your close pals and take on different quests together.

2 – DC Universe Online:

DC Universe Online

Fond of reading comic books based on superheroes? Well, now besides just flicking through these pages and watching your idols in action via movies, you’ll even get to fight alongside or against your favorite DC characters. The DC Universe Online lineup includes the likes of Superman, Batman, The Joker and Wonder Woman. This entrant in our games similar to WoW roster is packed with the power of visceral combat, state-of-the-art physics engine and a world that’s created by comic book artist, Jim Lee.

What’s more, you’ll be able to form your own identity and acquire a unique set of superpowers. There are even story-driven adventures for heroes as well as antagonists to jump right in. Some of the places you can explore during your stay here include Gotham City, the futuristic cityscape of Metropolis, the Justice League of America Watchtower and Arkham Asylum.

3 – Runes of Magic:

Runes of Magic

Also known as RoM, this fantasy MMORPG developed by Runewaker Entertainment forayed onto the virtual scenario around 4 years ago. Once here, you can opt from a trio of Taborea races namely, elf, dwarf or human. There are also different classes to choose from like rogue, warden, priest, knight, druid, scout, warrior, mage, warlock, and champion. And when you’re not out doing heroic deeds, you can dabble in a variety of professions like armor-crafting, cooking, carpentry, mining, alchemy, weapon-crafting, tailoring, woodcutting, and botany.

‘Thirsty for exciting PvP action?’ quips the brains behind this endeavor. Well, you’ll be able to satisfy this feeling by diving right into PvP battles across one-on-one, team battles of 3 vs. 3, 6 vs. 6, 8 vs. 8 or guild against the guild. Some of the other features roped in here include more than 4,000 epic quests, multiple class system, individual player houses and extensive pet and mount systems.

4 – Star Wars: The Old Republic:

Star Wars: The Old Republic

After pleasing comic book fans with DC Universe Online, we now attempt to put a smile on the faces of Star Wars enthusiasts. This inclusion in our WoW alternatives array is developed by BioWare and lets you play out your very own story-driven saga. In Star Wars: The Old Republic you get to take on the guise of a Sith warrior, a Jedi knight, a bounty hunter or any of the other iconic characters.

You can either choose to side with the dark or light forces and take part in an interactive storyline that’s complete with a full voice-over and cinematic dialogue. You’ll also be able to be part of cantina shootouts, light-saber duels, and multilayer battles. Make or break relationships and indulge in epic space combat by zooming across the universe in your own ship.

5 – Talisman Online:

Talisman Online

The 3D fantasy MMORPG boasts of including 5 powerful classes namely wizard, tamer, assassin, monk and fairy. Here you’ll get to experience an ancient mythical story that’s filled to the brim with dangerous quests and loads of weird monsters. Some of the pets and mounts you’ll find embedded in this engaging title include gold eagle ray, magic lamp, the little panda, mini Mech monster, fancy fox, dark flame horse, golden monkey, and firefly cavy.

What’s more, you can take part in various scenarios such as Happiness Hall, Silver Fox Cave, Spider Catacomb, Murk Woods and Dark Stone Area in order to acquire energy, experience, equipment, and talismans.

6 – Eden Eternal:

Eden Eternal

The final contender in our games similar to WoW roundup comes complete with a plethora of features. You get to begin your quest by stepping into the shoes of a magician or warrior and toggle between classes as and when they are unlocked.

There are 16 playable classes, a breakpoint system for battles and even a place called Central Continent where you can find different creatures and 5 playable races namely, humans, Zumi, Ursun, Hafkins, and Anura. Here each guild can construct its very own towns.


The game in the spotlight here needs no introduction, especially to MMORPG fans. But for those who are new to this enthralling genre, World of Warcraft is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and has been around for nearly a decade. The events that transpire within these online confines take place in the world of Azeroth. The game is also noted to be the fourth iteration that’s set in the fantastic Warcraft universe.

Now if you loved spending hours engrossed in engaging gameplay elements similar to the ones seen in the World of Warcraft then we’re sure you’ll want to sink your teeth into each of the aforesaid free games like WoW. And when you do, we urge you to leave your favorite mentions in the space allotted just below.