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6 Free Games Like Minecraft

If you are looking for free games like Minecraft, then you’ve come to the right place. Feast your eyes on a whole bunch of worthy Minecraft alternatives that will help you engage in block bliss for hours at a stretch. The games featured here are strewn across platforms like the PC and portable devices. And an added bonus here seems to be the $0 price tag that’s attached to each one of them. This makes indulging in the gems a lot sweeter when you know that they are available on the scenario minus a dollar sign.

1 – Cubelands:

Free games like Minecraft - Cubelands

One glance at the name and block enthusiasts will already be eager to know more about Cubelands. It’s looked upon as an online multiplayer building game that’s spread across the Mac and Windows PC terrain. And as you might have already guessed, everything present here has been influenced by the cube universe. You can step right in and let your imagination run wild, building your very own world and sharing it with the community.

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What’s more, if you happen to be the more social type, then you’ll even be able to invite over 16 friends into your ‘blocky’ universe. By employing the colored bricks, you can create any sort of structure and show off your architectural prowess to the public. Eager to get started? Well, all you require is an internet connection, an email address and the latest Unity 3D technology which can be downloaded without even spending a penny.

2 – Mythruna:


This interesting entrant in our free games similar to Minecraft roster proffers a treat that boasts of having the best of both worlds. Mythruna jumps onto the scene with RPG attributes as well as a completely modifiable randomly-generated sandbox universe. Developed by Paul Speed, the PC delight is further infused with a plethora of playable races. These include human, elf, dwarf, Reptilian, and Simian, to name a few.

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It’s also compatible with various platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. So ‘what will your story be?’ asks the brains behind this endeavor. Currently, in the developing stage, the final alpha version will be tagged with a cost sticker.

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3 – Clonk:


When you dive into Clonk, prepare to be bombarded with a whole slew of interesting elements such as skill, action, platform, real-time strategy, and tactics. The landscapes roped include deserts, mountains, lakes, volcanoes, arctic wastelands, a sub-oceanic terrain and fantastic islands floating in mid-air. And as far as customization is concerned, the options are certainly limitless, according to the maker.

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Besides simply erecting new structures, you can also experience changing weather conditions as well as interact with up to 4 pals either via the internet or local networks. Developed by RedWolf Design, there is also a single-player mode roped in here for anyone who wants to traverse it alone. You can currently avail of 2 games in the series namely Endeavour and Rage.

4 – Roblox:


This engaging inclusion in our free Minecraft alternatives array is aimed at pleasing children and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 16 years. Noted to be of the MMO sort, kids can fashion their very own universe by utilizing different kinds of blocks. These user-generated worlds can then be enjoyed by any fan over the internet.

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Roblox even proffers a bunch of genres such as building, town and city, horror, comedy, military, sci-fi, sports, fighting, western, RPG, naval, medieval, FPS and adventure. And if the tykes are away from their PC, they can always take complete advantage of the iOS version which is available on the Apple App Store minus a price tag as well.

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5 – King Arthur’s Gold:

King Arthur’s Gold

If you want to see a mash-up of block games fitted into one attractive amalgamation, then King Arthur’s Gold you simply cannot overlook. As the developer reveals, it forays onto the scenario fitted with fortress-building mechanics of Dwarf Fortress, class-based craziness of Team Fortress 2 and the strategy genre featured in Age of Empires 2. During your stay here, you can create blocky works of arts like catapults, siege engines, fortresses, and contraptions. Tap into your naughty side and blow up another player’s castle in multiplayer mode.

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Some of the other ingredients include randomly generated worlds, impressionable environments, 16-bit graphics, 2D gameplay, and a retro-style soundtrack. And that’s not all. The maker also provides individuals with a trio of customizable classes like the knight, archer, and builder. You can even try your hand at a few modes that read as Gold Rush, Capture the Flag, Zombie Invasions, and Team Deathmatch.

6 – Infiniminer:


The open-source multiplayer block-based sandbox game is the brainchild of Zachary Barth. And according to him, this interesting contender in our free games similar to Minecraft roundup a networked multiplayer option so you can share the joy of building with other players as well. In Infiniminer, you’re called to take on the role of a miner and scout the environment for minerals by exploring maps and building structures.

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And besides taking inspiration from the indie game in focus, Infiniminer also sports elements from other such delights like Ace of Spades, FortressCraft, and Craftworld.

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In the past months, we’ve kept aficionados of the sandbox indie game in question quite content by revealing the acme lot of other interesting substitutes. However, our previous lineup Minecraft substitutes was an amalgamation of both paid as well as free-to-procure delights. Well, we’ve further filtered those options so that we could present only the free games like Minecraft. What do you think about the games featured here? Do leave your comments in the box situated just below.