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8 Free eBook Reader for Android

Selecting an free eBook reader for Android from the following list is a feasible option if you just cannot find the time to go to the local library. Not only can you open text in these applications, but also access a huge library of novels and bestsellers from their in-app stores. And if you are interested in reading newspapers or magazines, our roster has a few options where you can find subscriptions for your favorite publications. In case you are a budding writer waiting to get published, one of the following contenders will definitely catch your fantasy. So take a look at these options for Android.

Free eBook Reader for Android

1 – Aldiko:


Aldiko is a customizable application that allows you to change the font size, type, background, colors, margin, line spacing and a lot of other things. Besides digital copies of novels from public libraries, you can open ePub, PDF and Adobe DRM encrypted files in this tool. It has a user-friendly interface and an advanced library management system makes sure you get access to all your files easily from this app.

And if that’s not enough, you have the in-app shop which brings a horde of books at your disposal. Some of the other attributes include global-text search, dictionary, favorite catalogs section and more.

2 – Mantano:


Another one on our eBook reader for Android list that support Adobe DRM is Mantano, a flexible alternative for ePub and PDF files. You get the option of downloading content from top OPDS catalogs or you can create one of yours.

The free application lets you highlight and annotate text and if you like a quote or an excerpt from a novel or a file, go ahead and share it with friends. A built-in dictionary will help you look up words, while the night mode for PDF will adjust the brightness so you can enjoy your novel even in the dark. Its pro version is also available in the Play store.

3 – Kindle:


Amazon’s Kindle is one of the popular applications in the lineup and claims to offer access to millions of novels, bestsellers, magazines, newspapers and much more. You can download classics like Pride & Prejudice and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes without forking out a single penny and even purchase novels from the in-app store.

A dictionary, Google search and Wikipedia are built into the application and the Whispersync technology ensures that you can continue a novel from any other device from exactly where you left. It also supports digital material from local libraries.

4 – Moon+:


If your list of must-have features include powerful controls and full functions, then Moon+ from our eBook reader for Android compilation. It is perfectly compatible with online libraries and even brings literary content without charging you anything. The app’s set of compliant file formats features ePub, RAR, ZIP, CBZ, CBR and CHM to name a few. You have the option of personalizing it according to your preferences by changing the theme and enhancing the visuals and it lets you switch between day and night modes too.

5 – FBReader:


The multilingual and highly customizable Android application in question is said to be compatible with multiple formats including ePub, RTF, MOBI, plain text and many more. It can use TruType or OpenType fonts and has a built-in browser to download content from online stores.

This program supports customized OPDS catalogs as well and allows you to open manually downloaded content. External dictionaries are integrated in the application and it is localized for as many as 14 languages.

6 – Wattpad:


Here we have an application gracing our eBook reader for Android catalog which promises to bring a huge ever-growing library at your fingertips. You will be delighted to know that you can choose from amongst 100 million novels and stories belonging to genres like sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, fiction, thrillers and much more. You can even connect with writers and get updates about their work directly from them.

Like all the other alternatives we’ve listed, it is customizable and even allows you to save content on the local Android device for offline access. Besides this, the app gives you a chance to write your own stories and publish them so others can read your work. You can even synchronize your library between your phone and tablet and access it via the official website as well.

7 – Nook:


Barnes & Noble has a huge library of digital content and you can lay your hands on them by installing the Nook app from Google Play. The collection comprises magazines, newspapers, comics, graphic novels, manga and more, apart from classics, novels and bestsellers.

You get complimentary subscription to newspapers and magazines for two weeks and samples of content are available so you can check them out before purchasing. Its LendMe feature lets you lend stuff to friends and it supports side-loading ePub files too. It goes without saying that the application can be customized.

8 – Kobo:


And another application that lets you select novels from a built-in library is Kobo, featuring millions of new releases and classics. Previews of content are also available in this eReading app and you can even transfer your novels to another device.

On the other hand, you can even open content from other apps in Kobo, provided they are in one of the standard formats including ePub. It has its own social network, so you can connect with others who share similar interests like yours.


So have you selected an eBook reader for Android for yourself? Drop in a line to let us know. And for more options, you can also take a look at this roster of ePub supporting apps.