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Free Corel WordPerfect Lightning beta Unveiled

Corel WordPerfect Lightning

Corel WordPerfect Lightning word processor has finally been released. Corel Corporation today unveiled the public beta of Corel WordPerfect Lightning, a free word processor software that lets end-users and partners to link the benefits of online tools accessed over the Internet.

Corel WordPerfect Lightning software represents the Corel’s first component of its new distribution and online services model for WordPerfect Office. Corel WordPerfect Lightning beta software is available as a free download. The WordPerfect Lightning software boosts common productivity tasks, allowing users to consume, capture and re-use information and images faster and more easily than ever before. Corel WordPerfect Lightning comes with both a desktop and online component, this firmly integrated productivity platform offers free access to premium online services by Corel which includes collaboration and data storage thus enabling users to take advantage of Web technologies without relying solely on Internet connectivity to accomplish key tasks.

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Richard Carriere, General Manager for Office Productivity at Corel said “20 years ago, PC users started documents from a blank page.”

He added “Today we spend most of our time consuming or reusing content, taking information from one place, whether it’s the Web, email, documents or other sources, and incorporating it somewhere else. By blending desktop and Web applications in WordPerfect Lightning, Corel is taking a truly hybrid approach to computing, enabling users to maximize their productivity by making it simpler and faster to gather, organize and share critical information.”

Corel WordPerfect Lightning allows PC users to perform common tasks on both the desktop and on the WordPerfect Lightning enables users to view, print and save information, plus create notes and other simple documents, without buying a full-featured office suite.

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WordPerfect Lightning offers has many advanced tools which can be accessed by just one click such as WordPerfect Office X3 in addition to a powerful collection of online services.

Corel WordPerfect Lightning Software

Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group said, “With the WordPerfect Lightning platform Corel has effectively addressed the shortcomings of both Web-based productivity tools and the traditional desktop office suite.”

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Enderle added “WordPerfect Lightning delivers what today’s PC user needs: free simple tools for common tasks, plus the ability to collaborate online or use more advanced tools when they see fit to do so. At the same time, Corel is offering partners a share in upsell and online services revenues to create a business model no other vendor is attempting.”

A Closer Look at Corel WordPerfect Lightning

WordPerfect Lightning word processor software comprises of four main components: the Navigator, the Viewer, Lightning Notes, and the Connector. The Navigator is a central repository for the assembly and organization of content. The Viewer is an all-in-one document reading tool for the fast and simple viewing of documents in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or Corel WordPerfect file formats. Lightning Notes is a lightweight word processor and note taking utility that acts as a universal container for ideas, information and images.

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The Connector, powered by Joyent, is a suite of Web-based programs for teams and small businesses that provides individual users with email, calendars, address books and file storage. These unique functions are hosted on the Web, allowing team members to share information and collaborate on projects. Users receive 200MB of free online storage, plus shared calendaring, contacts and e-mail functionality.

Corel WordPerfect Lightning Serves as Platform for New Distribution Model

Being the first free Web productivity and services platform that connects with the power of a full-featured office suite, WordPerfect Lightning creates new upsell and services opportunities for Corel’s partners to share in the $11 billion market for productivity software. With the introduction of WordPerfect Lightning, Corel is evaluating partnerships with hardware, software and Web services vendors, as well as established channel partners to establish the core elements of a new partner ecosystem and explore opportunities to monetize the growing demand for online services.

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The free WordPerfect Lightning Download (beta) is just 20 MB download available beginning today from the official Corel Website.