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Free Windows Vista and Office 2007 CDs offered by Microsoft and

Windows Vista and Office 2007 Logo Yesterday was the day that Microsoft officially launched Windows Vista and Office 2007 for its business customers. But once again, Microsoft is giving free stuff away.

This time, coinciding with the business launch, Microsoft together with are offering visitors a deal wherein one has to watch three videos centered around either one of the two products, Windows Vista Business and Microsoft Office 2007.

On watching these three videos and completing registration, the user will get a full free Windows Vista CD or full free Office 2007 CD in six to eight weeks.

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However, this deal will last as long as the supplies do. We do not have any idea as to how many copies the supply includes. But we do know that since the supplies are limited, they will most likely go fast.

The free Windows vista copy is sold out at the moment. What remains are free Microsoft Office 2007 copies. So all you people who are looking to get your hands on the newly released Office 2007 suite, there’s no harm in watching these three Webcasts. If you are lucky you may just win yourself a fully licensed free Microsoft office 2007 CD, provided the site isn’t jam packed with people trying to get “free” stuff.

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