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8 Best Free Alarm Clocks Online

Free Alarm Clocks Online

Our 8 best free alarm clocks online roster offers you a plethora of methods that would help wake you up from a deep slumber in a pleasant, yet effective way. The options littering our list are sure to provide you with a one way ticket out of Dreamland and into ‘Realityville’. Besides helping with shaking off the Sandman’s dust, the entrants also remind internet surfers of the time, whether they’re in the office or simply lounging around at home.

1 – Kukuklok:

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Kukuklok which bears the slogan ‘designed to wake you up’, displays a digital clock where you can effectively set your alarm for the desired time and leave the rest up to the webpage. The various tones offered include cockerel, slayer guitar, military trumpet, classic clock and electronic. All these ‘alarming’ sounds can be previewed before being set.

2 – Alarm Tube:

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Alarm Tube

Alarm Tube enters our lineup of the alarm clocks online sporting the tagline ‘Wake yourself up’. At the given time, your favorite videos and tunes on YouTube will blare out to awaken you. While the time ticks at the top of the page, you can easily input your alarm time in the box below it. This can be done as naturally as possible by inserting terms such as ‘In 30 minutes’, ‘Tomorrow at 6am’ or simply ‘7:30pm’. There are also a host of YouTube links under different categories already embedded for seamless selection.

3 – Naked Alarm Clock:

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Naked Alarm Clock

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. There’s no surprise awaiting you after you eagerly jump out of bed when the alarm goes off. Although the title Naked Alarm Clock seems to be a little misleading, this online offering is a free alarm clock which displays the current time as well as the alarm time in succession on the screen itself. The alarm sounds that are available feature alien alarm, digital alarm, alarm clock bell and bugle reveille. Easy alarm settings are also provided. One touch of the blue circular arrow-drawn button and it comes back to the original time while the 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes options are strewn out below for quick tweaks.

4 – OnlineClock:

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Next on our array of alarm clocks online is OnlineClock. It unveils a variety of clocks that can ring out for all purposes and occasions, themed as video alarm clock, military time clock and analog alarm clock. It also provides online stopwatches, countdown timers and fun clocks like space, barcode or Morse.

YouTube video

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The time can be exhibited in fonts ranging from small to X-large for those who take off their glasses while sleeping and have trouble viewing the wall clock or mobile time. The red font color is supported by different background hues such as blue, black, silver, green and orange.

5 – Sleep.FM:


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Next up in our list is Sleep.FM which is known as a social alarm clock. It keeps us connected to loved ones right from the minute we open our eyes with their messages and videos. Facebook pals can opt for a pleasant and fun YouTube video which is sure to start your day on the right note.

YouTube video

Funky rooster, Vuvuzela alarm, time alarm, customizable flight status and weather alarm are some of the backup alarms that will sound when the social alarm is not set. You are even permitted to save alarms for quick setup the next time around.

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6 – Avnoy:


Unlike the other entrants infused in our alarm clocks online list, Avnoy is a straightforward, user-friendly web offering that features a realistic analog clock with the current time, day, month and year displayed at the side of it. In order to set the alarm, all you need to do is simply follow the 2-step instruction situated at the right hand corner of the webpage. There is just a trio of sounds available here such as beeper, slow melody and fast melody.

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7 – ALARMd:


ALARMd enables you to easily spy on the time without having to squint against the glare of the morning sun. The digital time can be extended to any desired size while the actual numbers are painted across the screen in a choice of three bright colors namely red, green and blue. When the alarm goes off at the set time, you will be able to awaken to last.fm tunes or the generic alarm as well as YouTube videos played across in various genres like Andy McKee – For my father or Rage Against the Machine – Wake Up.

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8 – ClockEasy:


This pleasant webpage displays four options across the computer screen namely Clock, Alarm, Countdown and Chrono. If it’s just the clock you want, then the website allows various customization options such as the ability to tweak the font, size, color, border size and padding. Coming to the alarm, you simply need to insert the time and the alarm will ring with an annoying buzzing sound that is sure to make you jump out of your bed.

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Our 8 best free alarm clocks online array enables you to greet the rising sun minus the morning grumpiness. Sleepyheads can awaken to sweet melodies, YouTube videos or rock tunes. So do tell us which ones aided you in getting to places on time and which ones silently exclaimed with a snicker, ‘You snooze, you lose’.