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7 Free Address Book Software

Free Address Book Software

The following free address book software options are a must-have, especially if you want to keep all your contacts well organized.

With the help of these gems, you’ll be able to safely keep track of important names and numbers along with their respective addresses and other vital details.

No need to pull out your little black book or leather-bound diary whenever you want to look up a particular contact.

Simply hop onto your PC and find all the information within a few seconds. Just a couple pf mouse clicks and you’ll be looking straight at your desired data.

1 – E-Z Contact Book:

E-Z Contact

Besides simply being disguised as a personal contact address book, this Windows application also doubles as a customer database and business directory.

You’ll be able to accommodate information bits such as phone numbers, web pages, emails, addresses, faxes and customer notes.

There’s also a powerful ‘wildcard’ search option thrown into the amalgamation. Wondering what this function might be used for?

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Well, it allows you to zero in on your desired number by just punching in part of the name or phone number.

You can even organize data under specific groups like family, friends and businesses. It’s costs nothing to install so what are you waiting for?

2 – ContactKeeper:


The next entrant in our roster offers you a little something extra apart from just storing all your personal and business related information.

It can also be used as a nifty birthday reminder for informing you about important upcoming dates.

According to the maker, the program enables you to enter any amount of numbers and email addresses under one person’s name.

Some of its other attributes include easy navigation, export to HTML or text file and a handy search function.

You can now avail of the version 1.5.0 which is translated into 44 languages namely, Arabic, German, Italian, Czech, Persian, Romanian, Danish, French and Basque.

3 – TSC:


This delight can be your one stop shop for juggling between addresses, contacts, labels and print options.

The software comes complete with an integrated letter writer that boasts of mail merge and spell check.

You’ll even be able to create additional lists entitled Club or Christmas Cards and store your vital data there as well.

As the developer reveals, this option lets you print letters in different languages depending on the contact.

There’s also a ‘query wizard’ built into the system so that you can seamlessly filter individual databases.

A few of its other features read as user defined keyword list, letter writer, list building utility and an Address Info button for gaining information bits such as longitude, latitude, school district, time zone, census tract and county.

What’s more, there’s no limit to the number of contacts you can add here.

4 – Kurlo:


Simply dubbed as Kurlo, this inclusion in our roundup is noted to be a portable contact manager.

The program that’s fashioned for personal use as well as small businesses is blessed with different innovative attributes.

For one, it supports multiple users, which means each individual can store their own set of contacts, email lists, addresses, messages and preferences.

It can even help keep track of events like anniversaries, birthdays and other important events as well as support envelope and address label printing.

Coming back to the portable part, besides having the ability to run on a Windows PC, the software can also be installed on gadgets like an MP3 player or USB flash drive.

5 – Efficient Address Book:

Efficient AB

This profession piece lets you easily manage contact information, addresses and birthday details, all on your trusty PC.

Here you can store unlimited number of contacts and even zero in on your desired name when the need arises, all without breaking a sweat.

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Some of its other attributes include import and export, recycle bin support, backup and restore, multiple interface styles, birthday and anniversary reminders, contact importance and information safety safeguards.

Besides the zero cost Edition, you can also pick up the Portable and Network versions of the same.

6 – Open Contacts:

Open Contacts

Looked upon as an advanced address book program, this interesting program is created to meet all the needs of PC users who are scouting the terrain for virtual contact companions.

This contender in our array further leaps onto the scene with the ability to sync information with other devices such as PDAs, smartphones, web address books and more, all thanks to the integrated SyncML for Open Contacts option.

This inclusion also comes with search, comprehensive categories, import and export, map service, printing contacts on labels and data, and LAN support.

7 – Free Address Book:

Option 7

Like the others, this final gem in our extensive treasure chest can be procured without even shelling out a single penny.

It has the ability to neatly hoard information bits pertaining to phone numbers, addresses, fax, mobile, country, company name, website, email and city.

Fashioned for commercial as well as personal use, this program proffers customizable print settings, easy search facility, custom fields, CSV export- import and even support for photos.


Many of you might swear by your mini hardbound cover book or even by your portable handset when it comes to storing contact information.

Well, the free address book software options listed here can be looked upon as their virtual counterparts.

What’s more, it’s always a good idea to keep a backup of these names and digits on your PC.

These gems can also be called upon when you need to send an urgent mail packed with a few important numbers.

So which one will you rely on for hoarding all your contacts? Do leave your comments based on your picks right here in the box below.