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Fourth generation Core processors arrive next year, Clover Trail shows the way

Third Generation Intel Core Processors

The Ivy Bridge architecture made its debut back in April and now nearly six months later, the chip manufacturer has unveiled its plans to launch the fourth generation Intel Core processor family in 2013. What’s more, the company has also announced the coming of its latest Atom SOCs which are designed ‘specifically’ for Windows 8. So would this mean they won’t support other platforms?

According to Intel, the current number of Ultrabook designs in development amount to 140, out of which 70 are available with the Ivy Bridge architecture onboard. Through the upcoming 22nm Core series, the company plans on enhancing the overall experience found in today’s Ultrabooks, convertibles and tablets with HD graphics support, fresh instructions for quicker encryption and new hardware-based security features. Needless to say, delivering longer battery life is amongst Intel’s top priories.

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“The 4th generation Intel Core processor family and our new line of low-power processors will usher in an era of unprecedented innovation in mobile computing,” expressed David (Dadi) Perlmutter. “Our focus to deliver even lower power with the great performance that our processors are known for is as fundamentally significant as when we shifted our development focus beyond sheer processor speed in 2001. As a result, you’ll see our customers delivering sleek and cool convertible designs, as well as radical breakthrough experiences across a growing spectrum of mobile devices.”

The next-generation chip will be based on the Haswell microarchitecture which is said to consume 20 times lesser power in the idle state compared to the second generation lineup. Codenamed Clover Trail, the latest Atom processors are based on the 32nm process technology. Through this, they are expected to enable sleeker tablet designs and even lightweight convertibles with improved battery performance.

The fourth generation Intel Core processor family release date is slated for next year, while the upcoming Atom SOCs are ‘coming soon.’

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