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foursquare Explore now surfs the web

foursquare Explore Web

Launched back in March with the foursquare 3.0 apps for Android and iOS platforms, the mobile recommendation service dubbed foursquare Explore, has now gone live for desktop browsers as well. Users can access this feature from any PC through the web-friendly version hosted on the company’s site.

Said to deliver personalized recommendations all around the world, the new spin on this service is incorporated with over 1.5 billion check-ins from the company and the foursquare community. From planning a vacation to saving money to finding places to visit, users should be able to dig up various points of interest in the surrounding locality.

A post on the official foursquare blog stated, “We launched Explore on your phone to help you find interesting things nearby, right now. But that was just a small step for us. The vision for foursquare is much bigger – it’s about adding an ‘interesting’ layer to the whole world, tailored just for you. Today, we’re taking a big leap in that direction, with our web version of Explore at foursquare.com/explore.”

Powered by check-ins and foursquare tips, users will be able to pin down specifics like places they haven’t been to as yet. For instance, by searching for keywords such as ‘fun’, ‘romantic’ or ‘Friday’, the service is said to automatically list out recommendations that match the criteria of inputted queries.

foursquare Explore iPad

The foursquare Explore feature can be accessed on all desktop browsers by navigating to foursquare.com/explore. This particular service is also available through the foursquare 3.0 apps for iOS and Android devices.