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Here are four great ideas for making your photos look their best

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All of those carefully taken photos will only truly shine if they are carefully presented. Luckily, presenting your photos nicely is very easy when you know how. This article contains four very simple ways to make your photographs look their very best.

Find an attractive frame:

This is a truly timeless option for ensuring that your photos look perfect. If you plan to hang them on the wall, then make sure to select a frame that fits with the tones of the photograph itself. If in doubt an elegant plain black, white, silver or gold frame will always do the trick. But, you can also experiment with ornately carved frames or frames in exciting shapes. These can be found from many furniture stores online.

Create a stunning portfolio:

Flicking through a collection of beautiful photographs is a real joy, so why not display your photos in an a4 landscape ring binder? This display method is fantastic for adorning a coffee table or the lobby of your business premises. And, you can also include some informative text within the ring binder, to enable those who are flicking through it to get the most possible enjoyment from the photographs. Choose a ring binder in an attractive hue, make sure that the photographs are all of a high quality and laminate each page if possible so that they stay looking perfect no matter how many people turn over the leaves, and you are ready to go.

Project them onto the wall:

There is something so magical about seeing photographs projected onto a screen – or just onto a blank wall. This can be a great way to create a talking point in a gallery or exhibition, and it adds an element of charm to any photographic display. Watching the soft light of the projector flickering in a darkened room really focuses everyone’s attention. Whether you gather everyone together at a specific moment and have them all gaze at a slideshow you have made of your photos, or whether you just leave the projection running on loop in a certain space to let people come and view it as and when they please, dipping in and out, there is no denying that this is an imaginative way of presenting your photographs.

Opt for a Polaroid look:

Missing the appeal of classic photographic techniques in this digital age, many people are falling back in love with the authentic look and feel of Polaroid snapshots. It is very easy to turn any photo into a classic looking Polaroid, and this presentation format for photos gives them a wonderfully spontaneous aesthetic that is always very appealing. Of course, you might (understandably) feel that adding this effect to an artistically set up shot where all of the colors and shades are carefully and crisply blended will totally ruin it. But, the Polaroid look is perfect for other kinds of photo – it adds some fun to portraits, for example.